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Formula 1 drivers expressed their disgust at the waste at the Miami Grand Prix

Formula 1 drivers expressed their disgust at the waste at the Miami Grand Prix

Serena Williams and Venus Williams pose with a Formula One fan on the starting grid before the start of the Miami Grand Prix (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

stars Formula One I stood in the Florida sun next to LL Cool J, the entertainer who hosted the Miami Grand Prix pre-race party.

The ceremony, 30 minutes before the start of the race, included a rendition of Will.I.AM’s song “The Formula” with an orchestra—yes, there was an orchestra on the starting grid—as LL Cool J introduced each pilot. It was very American style and that annoyed some of the drivers.

George Russell, director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, was the first to voice his displeasure after Sunday’s race. Mercedes’ broker confirmed that they met two days ago and disapproved of all the waste.

“I think that’s the American way of doing things in sport,” admitted the British driver. “I’m here to compete. I’m not here to show, I’m here to win. We’re open to changes, but I think we don’t want that every weekend.”

After the list of disgruntled drivers grew after Max Verstappen’s third win of the campaign, F1 admitted on Monday that they had expressed their dissatisfaction but had agreed to a test.

F1 promised it would hold further talks with the drivers’ association and confirmed the only complaint was “extra time”. Seven times F1 champion Lewis Hamilton He was one of the few drivers who enjoyed the activities and even laughed when talking about them: “I think it’s amazing that the sport continues to grow and develop and not keep doing the same thing,” he said. “They are trying new things.”

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The truth is, that’s the extent of big events in the United States, a country where the Super Bowl is as much a spectacle as it is the culmination of the NFL. With two more stops this year in the US (Austin and Las Vegas), drivers should expect more drifts.

The Las Vegas race, which is expected to be the most expensive for viewers in the entire calendar, is sure to be full of stars and stars in the so-called Sin City. F1 won’t skimp on the biggest event in decades.

That’s what the fans will pay for, whether the drivers like it or not. It is worth noting that the race was held on Sunday before 90,766 fans were sold out, and Formula 1 indicated that Miami attracted 270,000 people in three days.

Rapper LL Cool J, before the start of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix (Matthias J. Oechner/Miami Herald via AP)

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