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Former Ibero-American heads of state have warned that elections in Venezuela will not be free without Maria Corina Machado.

Former Ibero-American heads of state have warned that elections in Venezuela will not be free without Maria Corina Machado.

María Corina Machado was elected as the opposition candidate in last year's internal elections (EFE/Rayner PeñaR)

The former heads of state who make up the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA) confirmed on Wednesday that the Venezuelan elections scheduled for July 28 will… They will not be “free and respect the right to vote” Without the main opposition coalition candidate. Maria Corina Machadowhich remains hampered by the Chavez regime.

“Fair, democratic and verifiable” presidential elections cannot be held as long as the ignorance of the leadership that gained its legitimacy through the primaries of María Corina Machado continues, and as long as its participation is prohibited, as stated in the IDEA Declaration, signed by 29 former heads of state and government from Spain and Latin America. .

The IDEA group recalled the Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro, who… Machado is “constitutionally entitled to vote and stand for election.”“He was not the subject of a criminal trial or final conviction,” and his candidacy was enabled by “the primary and majority vote of Venezuelans.”

For former Ibero-American presidents, the “dictatorial regime” in Venezuela “simulates the call and conduct of so-called elections.” Where “candidates that are right for you” are registered.

In IDEA's view, these candidates will be called upon to “investigate the continuing, systematic and widespread violation of human rights that prevails” in the Caribbean nation.

The National Election Council announced on Tuesday that Venezuelan elections will be held on July 28.

Dictator Maduro said the people “will once again achieve a great victory” in the presidential election (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

Although Chavista has confirmed that Maduro, who has been in power since 2013, will seek a third term, the president has not yet confirmed his candidacy.

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Former Representative Maria Corina Machado, chosen by the majority of the opposition as a presidential candidate, remains ineligible to hold elected office and, therefore, You will not be able to register between March 21 and 25, during the period specified by the CNErelated to Chavismo.

Today, Tuesday, the opposition leader called for maintaining “calm and firmness,” and stressed that Chavista “fears the elections and wants to deviate from the electoral path,” but that she will retain the mandate she obtained in the primaries in order to “reach the final end.” “.

For this part, On Thursday, Chavista begins a process of consultations with its base to choose its candidate for the presidential elections.This was reported Wednesday by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, which recently expressed its support for Maduro's possible candidacy.

First Vice President of the Formation, God gave poetryThe second-in-command of Chavismo, he explained that from Thursday to Saturday, the various party structures across the country will meet to unanimously choose a candidate for the next elections, and the decisions taken at these meetings must be reflected in the minutes.

“In these days, the streets, communities and Bolívar-Chavez fighting units will present their proposals from the grassroots, in a show of internal democracy, on who will be their candidate for the elections,” Cabello said.

Elections will be held in Venezuela on July 28 (EFE/ David Fernández)

The representative also indicated that the minutes will be collected on Sunday, with the regional and local teams meeting the next day to “ratify the consensus proposed by the rules.”

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In this sense, he said that he had “no doubt” that the decision would be “unanimous.” The bases recognize the “tremendous efforts made by President Maduro”And “to fight attacks, sanctions, and sieges and lead this people to victory,” regardless of “the opponent or enemy.”

“Here, all the struggle in our party will participate in the historic decision. From here, we must emerge stronger and more united than ever before, ready and willing to fight the battles we must fight and emerge victorious. “July 28th is a major battle.” pass.

On March 15, the United Socialist Congress, “the last representative of the party leadership,” plans to hold a meeting “to ratify the proposal put forward by the ranks.”

“We are ready to win and fight in the electoral field. (…) I am more convinced every day that we will win no matter what.”

If he had been the candidate, Maduro would have competed for re-election for a second time. After those achieved in 2018 in the presidential elections, which were questioned by the opposition and the international communityAnd he rules for another period of six years.

(With information from EFE)