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Chile refuses to exclude countries from the Summit of the Americas | News

Today, Sunday, Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Origola, stressed that the government calls for enabling the participation of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in the Ninth Summit of the Americas to be held in the United States (US) from 6 to June. 10.

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In this sense, Origola made it clear that he had held talks with the heads of the foreign relations portfolio in countries such as Costa Rica, where he identified the need to strengthen dialogue in the region despite the existing differences.

The chancellor added that the event will lack strength if these countries are excluded, due to the lack of spaces for dialogue in the region, as well as the high levels of division and polarization in the region.

But the official noted that regardless of the final decision taken by the host country of the summit, the Chilean government confirms its participation in it.

It is worth noting that the entity’s statements came after the past few days, and the US Undersecretary of State, Brian Nichols, confirmed that his country will exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the upcoming event that will be held in this country.

After Nuschulz’s remarks, countries such as Mexico, Honduras, Argentina and Bolivia rejected the position taken by the White House, and announced that they would not attend the event if these countries were finally excluded from the meeting.