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Daniel Noboa: This is the first time we attack white-collar terrorists |  Politics |  News

Daniel Noboa: This is the first time we attack white-collar terrorists | Politics | News

During the signing of an agreement between the institutions to establish a joint research unit Daniel Noboa She stated that the governmentHe will attack white collar terrorists Which finances organized crime.

he an agreement It was signed on the afternoon of the 7th of March, at Carondelet Palace, between the superior authorities of the Department of Government, Ministry of InteriorThe Internal Revenue Service (SRI), the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE), the National Customs Service (Senae) and the Presidency. He was invited to the event State ComptrollerMauricio Torres.

Noboa noted that the tool would be “essential for state security,” developing an economy free of criminal activities, and combating tax and customs fraud, as well as evasion and money laundering. “This way we can Strengthening the anti-corruption policy“, he claimed.

He pointed out that the public service, in the central government and the decentralized autonomous governments (GAD), through Public procurementIt has also been used in recent years by criminals Money laundering “This must stop.”

He said the work must begin Some GADs on the coast, where they had a “reduce pricing” policy.

The President said figuratively, while asking the Comptroller for support to combat these actions, especially in provinces like Manabi, Santa Elena, Guayas, Los Rios and El Oro.

This is the first time we will attack white-collar terrorists, “They finance organized crime and money laundering and present themselves as respectable people,” he added.

In this sense, the President noted that large companies, with invoices amounting to hundreds of millions, would be involved in illegal businesses, including construction companies, food companies and exporters, generating unfair competition against companies “that do things well.” .

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Noboa stressed that the authorities of the institutions that will implement the agreement will handle the information with confidence, to make their work more effective, and defended his government and his work team. “We have closed the mouths of many, even the most bitter.” I stood up.

Support the Attorney General

In addition, he said that his government had provided guarantees for the work of Attorney General Diana Salazar.

He received the tools and support, which he had previously “with good reason. He had complete concern about the detection of some cockroach pots, in previous governments, because of fear and fear for his life; we have now contributed to giving him the courage and support so that he can work,” the president said. . (Yo)