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Foods that increase your physical and emotional health

Foods that increase your physical and emotional health

When we are very tired We think of thousands of things that can make us tired, but we never fix something important Feed us.

too much Processed food and lack of vitamins and nutrients They can make us tired.

The good news is that We can fix it easily.

Those responsible for Juice Plus +, Health and wellness professionals in statements to the magazine Cheerfulness Explain how some things in your diet could be changed Increase your well-being on all levels.

If you incorporate these foods into your diet, the effects will be noticed quickly.

Orange and pineapple

Orange juice and half a pineapple

Contains orange Vitamin C but also B, The first, as explained by Juice Plus +, “helps reduce levels of vanadium, a mineral known to some extent to be responsible for depression. Additionally, it has been shown to reduce changes in mood and stress. Vitamin B. “It provides the body with essential nutrients for the nervous system to function properly.”

Pineapple Contain compounds that contribute to Serotonin is secreted In the body it therefore acts as a tonic for emotional and physical well-being.

Berries and red fruits

Berries contain a high content of vitamin C, in addition to amino acids, Minerals, trace elements and phytosterols Which improves blood pressure regulation and limits harmful cholesterol production.

Red fruits also help Serotonin and endorphins productionHappiness hormones. They are also a great source for Vitamin C And antioxidants that help reduce stress.

spinachAnd the Pumpkin, asparagus, and carrots

According to Juice Plus + experts Spinach is a natural pain reliever It prevents irritability, while improving a good mood, because it contains nutrients associated with pleasure and happiness, for example, Vitamin B9. This, known as folic acid, is key to having good mental health.

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The same thing happens with asparagusS, they contain high doses of Vitamin B9, which It increases serotonin It is important to prevent aggression, anger, humor and sleep.

The Pumpkin and especially its tubes It is a great source of tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin, which contributes to increasing levels of happiness, and it also contains omega-3 “which facilitates nerve communication and protects against free radicals”.

And the Carrots provide vitamin B6This helps serotonin flow through the blood, creating a feeling of well-being.