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Five months without the Minister of Education on the property

Five months without the Minister of Education on the property

In just five months, four people were presented to the Ministry of Education to take over the reins of the agency, either formally or temporarily, with only one gaining Senate approval, a body that must confirm that appointment.

Yesterday, the Senate refused to nominate Magali Rivera, the second appointed by Governor Pedro Pierluese, and Elba Aponte was the first to have his appointment withdrawn due to a negative report in the Appointments Committee, chaired by Senate President José Luis Dalmau.

In addition to Aponte and Rivera, the CEO tried to confirm Jesus Gonzalez on an interim basis, after the defeat of Aponte. Currently, the only person who has received lawmakers’ support is Eliezer Ramos, who until a month ago held the position of Assistant Secretary for Special Education, on a temporary basis.

Candidates were rejected

  • Elba Abonte: Negative report
  • Jes Gonzalez: temporary: rejection in the circulatory system
  • Magali Rivera: Dismissed in bicycles
  • Eliezer Ramos: Confirmed temporary

Rivera was voted 14 in favor and 12 against. On Wednesday, Rivera got a negative report from the Nominations Committee, as confirmed yesterday by Anna Gonzalez, of the family division and Ray Jones Entertainment and Sports.

For his part, the legislature rejected Javish Collazo, who also had a negative report on the fire department, from 14 to 11. Confirmed, Anna Escobar, to the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.

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