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Five alarm fires in New York

Five alarm fires in New York

One Shoot five alarms Is a type Fire, Indicate the size of the response received from Officers Local. With the increase of calls, the volume of the alarm increases, so the type increases. The Officers Americans use it to identify whether it is a Fire Serious and difficult to control.

Last Sunday, January 9, in the town of West Fort in The Bronx, a Fire Of the five alarms, 17 died, more than 60 of these eight children were injured, and a total of 32 were in critical condition.

One Fire Due to the large size of the five alarms more external assistance is required Fire. Alarms are used to bring in more equipment and manpower due to the size of the building and the number of fire accidents.

To find out which section is a Fire, Number of units Firefighters, And the number of respondents to the emergency. High rank of vehicles and Firefighters, More type.

The first alarm is called sending security forces to the scene. The following alarms are for calls to additional units, for example: if a fire breaks out and they need reinforcements, Firefighters Need replacement due to fatigue.

Applications for units and Firefighters It usually does not occur in areas with more than one station from different jurisdictions until the alarm is raised and help is sought.

About him Fire From The Bronx

The Fire It happened at 11:00 a.m. in the 333 building on 181 East Street in Fordham Heights.

According to the Commissioner Firefighters, Daniel Black, Space heater malfunction caused fire.

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“It simply came to our notice then Electric heater It broke down in an apartment building that occupies the second and third floors of the 19-story building. Door Apartment houses It was left open, which allowed smoke to spread rapidly throughout the building, “said Nikro.

To him Fire, According to a commission report from the Dominican Embassy in NY, a Dominican was reported seriously injured and was created to monitor victims.

Dominican community database worldwide.