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Strategy for the proximity of DR, Panama and Costa Rica

The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama Utilizing the restructuring of global supply chains, they are seeking to become key trading partners with the United States.

The three Latin American countries outlined their objectives in yesterday’s discussion of the Wilson Center’s Latin American Plan to strengthen democracy and promote economic growth.

Roberto Alvarez, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic focused on his participation in the close relocation (In the vicinity, In English) and the countries of the country Alliance for Development in Democracy They have a lot to offer America.

“Three countries: Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic have a lot to offer the United States as allies to strengthen this vital supply chain.”, Guaranteed by the Dominican Foreign Minister.

According to the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica are among the top 10 countries with the best economic growth potential this year.

“If we were one country (three territories) we would become a third country Business partner Most important in the United States (Latin America). Surpassed only Mexico and Brazil, ”he compared Alvarez during his presentation.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a breakdown in global distribution chains in response to measures taken by countries to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This led large corporations to think and expedite relocating their companies to nearby countries.

Signing of the contract

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Rodolfo Solano made the announcement at the third meeting Alliance for Development in Democracy A formal alliance with the United States is expected.

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“We expect you to be able to present us with high-level representation in the most open dialogue between our heads of state. We can identify five strategic areas for further discussion, ”the minister said.

Solano explained the areas of regional leadership, migration and refugees, environmental aspects, the fight against security and corruption, and finally economic development. “These are the areas that offer us the best opportunities to establish a long – term agenda with a strategic alliance with the United States,” he added.

At the third meeting between the Presidents of the Dominican Republic, Louis Abinader; Laurentino Cortizo, from Panama; And Carlos Alvarado, from Costa Rica, were invited from other countries in the region. However, Solano did not provide details on who he was.


Foreign Minister Erica Mines has said that immigrants will cross the border into Panama in 2021.

Creation Alliance for Development in Democracy US President Joe Biden highlighted the structure of the summit. Democracy Held last December.


Panamanian Foreign Minister Erica Moines has assured that the issue of immigration is important for all three countries. The Minister explained that by 2020, 8,000 migrants will have crossed the border into Panama; By 2021 this number will have risen to 140,000 immigrants.

“This figure is much higher than our capacity to serve immigrants,” Mouynes acknowledged, adding that most immigrants came from the Caribbean, especially from Haiti. Erica Mines said the increase in the number of immigrants could not be taken care of by one country.

“If we work together, we can talk about security and how to eliminate these criminal organizations that benefit from immigration,” Moines said.

Democracy “attacks”

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An important issue in which the alliance between the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica operates is the protection of democracy and its institutions. “I say very clearly: democracy is under attack; I say very clearly: human rights are under attack; I want to be very clear: freedom of the press and freedom of expression is under attack, ”said Rodolbo Solano. According to Costa Rica’s foreign minister, the situation in the region requires intelligent and strategic responses, a call for action. Solano said the Alliance for Development in Democracy is an example of how you can go from words to deeds. “There is tremendous concern about the process of democratic change in the region,” he added.

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