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FIFA does not forgive and punish 1º de Agosto of Angola in the Bryan Moya case with Zulia de Venzuela.

FIFA does not forgive and punish 1º de Agosto of Angola in the Bryan Moya case with Zulia de Venzuela.

The penalty imposed on the football player Brian Moya pays him 120 thousand dollars (about three million lambiras). Zulia of Venezuela for breaking the contract early also caused legal problems for his former team, 1º de Agosto of Angola.

The FIFA across the Angolan Football Federation This team has been notified that registration of new footballers has since been banned Solidarity is responsible of this religion.

What does it mean to be jointly responsible? According to the decision of FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, Club Africain had to cancel debts owed to Zulia In the event that Moya has not been responsible since the expiry of the term and the footballer has not complied with this economic obligation, the liability falls Until August 1 And since they weren’t responsible either, they were automatically penalized for not being able to score more footballers temporarily.

According to the African team, the Legal Department is working on sending their appeal because at the time of termination of the contract with Velazquez Moya, they have determined, by mutual agreement with El Catracho, that They were not responsible in the future Any decision against the attacker.

The African team maintains that in defending their rights they negotiated “in a friendly manner” the termination of the contract with Brian without any future charges being brought, however they were punished with immediate effect because Moya did not comply with the payment.

Notified since Feb 17

They now hope that with the appeal of the letter of termination filed, they can regularize their situation and lift employment restriction proceedings.

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On August 1, they informed him of this punishment February 17th While in Honduras, according to Olympia and the Football Association, Notification of player pause It’s March 7th He will be able to play again until he pays off his debts with Zulia and is enabled FIFA To be officially competitive.

Can Olympia be punished?

In case Olympia Different. picture Honduras At the time of signing the attacker, he certified the documents and moya got approval Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Although they knew in advance that the player might make an unfavorable decision and be left without him at any stage of the tournament as it happened.

While the team Africa He was punished for Dispute Resolution Chamber They assumed they were aware of Moya’s contractual issue and were still recording him, so they decided to put him “jointly responsible”.

The root of the problem

In February 2020, the player left for Ryongru Golden Eagles from Colombia At the request of coach Francesco Stefano who directed him at Zulia, however, while there was a dead end in the country and the transfer faltered due to economic problems, at this time, Brian did not know that Contract Promise Signed with the Venezuelan cadre, it was a legal document FIFA He considered that to be true because he also had a settlement in his hands.

Along the same lines, Moya thought he was free and in July 2020 Sign with 1 de Agosto de Angola He submitted a letter of termination of the contract with his former employer, however, after the contract became official, Zulia complained to FIFA claiming that the footballer still had a 12-month contract with them.

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FIFA did not make a decision on the issue until 2021, and on 1 August She announced that she had terminated her contract with Moya Because FIFA has officially notified them that Moya “has signed, before joining our club, a contract with Zulia, de Venezuela” and to prevent him from participating in any competition with the club.

However, after the failure FIFA In the interest of the South American team, Moya, with the support of 1 de Agosto, decided to file an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) “alleging the invalidity of this contract submitted by Zulia FC” and this entity decided to keep Moya authorized to play with her Angolan staff The Honduran national team during the investigation of the case and cut it into pieces Your right to work.