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FCD implemented: Demands preliminary hearing against Arevalo to protect Boras

FCD implemented: Demands preliminary hearing against Arevalo to protect Boras

Photo of Guatemalan President Bernardo Arevalo at a press conference in late January.

The Foundation Against Terrorism (FCT) started its machinery again, and this time filed a complaint against President Bernardo Arevalo against Attorney General Maria Consuelo Boras Argueta, who has revived the cases against the former Minister of Public Affairs (MP). Prosecutors and former judges condemned by the same far-right organization and now exiled or imprisoned.

Over the past six months, the FCT has been tasked with supporting the MP's narrative of alleged electoral fraud in the last 2023 general elections, which gave victory to Arévalo.

Photo by Ricardo Mendez-Ruiz, president of La Hora FCD.
Photo by The Hour
The president of the FCT is Ricardo Mendez-Ruiz.

Its president, Ricardo Méndez-Ruiz, insisted that the president should not be sworn in on January 14. And accused of trying to carry out a “coup” along with the MP.

In defense of Boras

The complaint was filed by Mendez Ruiz on February 3 against Arevalo as President of the Republic of Guatemala for alleged abuse of power. The agent enjoys the right of prior hearing.

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the international community accused the attorney general of torpedoing the change of command between former president Alejandro Giammattei, which Arévalo's president condemned publicly before taking office. and Arévalo.

“Deliberately, on repeated occasions and in front of the media, in official proceedings he demanded the resignation of the Attorney General of the Republic, Dr. María Consuelo Boras Argueta, which constitutes an abuse of power,” he said. A statement posted on his official X account.

According to Méndez-Ruiz, Arévalo does not «There is no statutory or constitutional authority to demand the resignation of the Attorney General, currently Dr. The position is held by Consuelo Boras, who was appointed through the constitutional process.“, he pointed out.

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The far-right activist, sanctioned by the United States' Engel list of corruption and anti-democratic actors, recalled the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court (CC), dated October 19, 2023, which maintains in force the provision preventing the removal of the President to the Prosecutor General.

«Furthermore, both national laws and decisions of the Constitutional Court have indicated that the office of the Attorney General is subject to a constitutional term of four years and that there is only one reason for removal, which is exercised when the head of the public ministry. Guilty of an intentional crime, until the sentence is final“, he pointed out.

Aravalo-Boras meeting

Likewise, he highlighted President Arevalo's invitation to Boras to his office and later to the ministers who would be part of his government cabinet. The attorney general has refused to appear with the president to address four issues, including progress in an investigation into irregularities in the multimillion-dollar purchase of Covid-19 vaccines that implicate Miguel Martinez, an associate of former president Giamatte.

«Aware that the Constitution and the Act governing the Executive prevented the summoning and appearance of foreigners in the Council of Ministers, he invited the Attorney-General to appear before this Council to discuss matters of national interest. The Public Prosecutor's Office, as it is only vested with powers of criminal investigation and not advisory or otherwise, is why the Attorney General recused himself from the event.” he added.

Obstacles to Judiciary

On February 2, the Council of the European Union (EU) adopted sanctions against the leadership of the investigative body, including Angel Pineda, Secretary General of the Office of the Attorney General; Head of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI), Rafael Curruchiche; That division's prosecutor, Leonor Morales Lazo, and Seventh Criminal Judge A, Freddy Orellana.

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Listed officials are subject to an asset freeze, and EU citizens and companies are prohibited from making funds available to them. In addition, people are subject to a travel restriction that prevents them from entering or changing EU territories.

It was a series of restrictive measures against five officials “who have undermined democracy, the rule of law or the peaceful transfer of power in Guatemala,” the EU said.

“Relevant authorities are urged to act in accordance with the law, ignoring the pressures arising from the US Department of State, the institutions of the European Community and other institutions dedicated to putting pressure on various governmental institutions. And the judicial administration system,” he concluded.