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They flew from Miami to Havana for Mother’s Day and their luggage still hadn’t arrived

They flew from Miami to Havana for Mother’s Day and their luggage still hadn’t arrived

Passengers who traveled on Swift Air are preparing to sue the operators who sold their tickets, claiming their luggage still hasn’t arrived in Havana.

He said this Telemundo 51It points out that “what should have been a trip to enjoy Mother’s Day in Havana turned into a nightmare.”

The Cubans from Miami noted at the aforementioned store that the luggage of the agency’s employees had arrived in Cuba, but theirs had not. It is also reported that there are people who have been in this condition for a week.

“We brought things to celebrate Mother’s Day, gifts that we gave to relatives, and we couldn’t give them anything,” one victim said in the statement.

“It’s a complete trip of 50-plus people, 2201 Cubazules and almost nobody has luggage in their hands at this point,” he explained.

Galex Rosales, another Cuban interviewee, said: “I traveled on Thursday, today Sunday my suitcases have not arrived yet (…) Since Monday, there are people who have not brought their suitcases, while the flights continue to arrive, they continue to sell tickets”.

Cubans claim baggage from their Miami-Havana flight

According to the information provided, the flight belongs to the airline Swift Air and one of the travel operators with which the passengers interacted is Cubazul.

Victims are assured that they “don’t want to change their return flights without incurring a penalty”.

“I have to fly to Miami today, I can’t leave, I have to go back, I have to buy another ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday, to see if the luggage will arrive,” said the injured Cuban.

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Other comments included “It’s too much, it’s disrespectful” and “We need someone to help us.”