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Facebook has released data on 533 million users worldwide online

Another theft of personal data of Facebook users. According to Business Insider, half a billion people will be involved by this time. Phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, biographies and email addresses appeared for free on the web.

This will be the only group of data that will “escape” from the social network in the network in 2019. Of the affected users, 32 million are in the United States, 11 in Great Britain and six million in India. Already on that occasion Facebook tried to run to the cover. They have reappeared in the last few hours, and experts say that once they become free, there is not much FB can do to prevent them from spreading online. Alon Call, chief technology officer at Hudson Rock, a cybercrime company, discovered the data leak. The same expert believes that reprinting is associated with someone selling data. This is detrimental to Facebook’s business model, which collects a large amount of users’ personal data to sell more targeted advertising sites.

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The most sensational and controversial case related to the data leak related to Facebook has been linked to a major political scandal that took place in early 2018: on that occasion Cambridge Analytica was revealed to have collected 87 million personal data. Facebook. Used them for accounting and political propaganda purposes without their permission: specifically, but not only, to influence British public opinion before the Brexit referendum.

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