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Facebook y Ray-Ban lanzarán un modelo de lentes inteligentes: ¿qué se puede esperar de ellos?

Facebook and Ray-Ban will launch a model of smart glasses: what can you expect from them?


1 before 2021 09:53 GMT

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, this device is a key component in the development of a new technology known as the metaverse, a type of face-to-face internet in which the user does more than just “watch.”

During Facebook’s second-quarter shareholder meeting, the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Certain Maybe this first year “smart glasses” Created by the company, which was designed in collaboration with Ray-Ban.

While this is true Previously The company showed off the prototype of augmented reality glasses, and Zuckerberg was keen to note that the glasses awaiting launch belonged to other category, specifying that it is a smart device.

“Looking into the future, the next product launch will be Ray-Ban’s first smart glasses in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica,” the businessman commented, adding that these would showcase the iconic look of the Franco-Italian company and allow it to “do very interesting things,” without giving further details. about this subject.

What do you expect from smart glasses?

Andrew Bosworth, Director of Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices at Facebook, hung She recently told CNET that the device “will help people connect with others, and they will never feel separated from anyone else.” However, he hinted that they will not have screens, so it is believed that efforts will focus on providing an immersive audio experience.

In this sense, Facebook Reality Labs is developing some augmented reality headphones, which will allow users to connect to the immersive audio spaces in which they have been working, which is why it is believed that this will be a key piece to be included in the smart glasses.

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Similarly, the tech giant suggested that the glasses wouldn’t work independently, but were designed to be accessories for phones, though it didn’t explain how the devices sync, either wirelessly or via cables.

For its part, Ray-Ban suggested that these glasses will not only look like regular glasses, but will probably look like this eyeglasses, which is something that, until now, augmented reality glasses have not been able to achieve due to the shape and composition of the frames.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg noted that the development of smart glasses is a critical step in developing a new technology known as metaversoA virtual environment in which you can be with people in digital spaces […] a [especie de] “The built-in internet you use instead of just searching,” explained the Facebook co-founder.

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