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Experts say US response to dismissal of judges and lawyers will determine El Salvador's situation

Experts say US response to dismissal of judges and lawyers will determine El Salvador’s situation

Joe Biden’s ambassador, Ricardo Zika, will brief Washington on his meetings in Central America “to determine the next steps.”

The United States’ decision to relocate to El Salvador “in the next few days or weeks” after the removal of five judges from the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General will determine the economic, political and social situation in Central America. Thursday by two experts.

Ricardo Castaneda, coordinator of El Salvador for Central American Financial Studies (ISFI), said the government response to Joe Biden was “a range that can range from personal circumstances to sanctions, a population that is complex (complex) and completely compromising. ”.

For example, he pointed out that “a permit related to sending money would be catastrophic for the country”.

During a virtual forum entitled “Economic Situations for Democratic Instability in El Salvador”, Castaneda explained that remittances on a global basis represent 20% of GDP (about one-third of GDP) and that rural areas account for up to 50% Represent “.

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“We (economists) recommend that we do this (permission to send money), rather, the purpose is to make citizens aware of what might happen and what its implications are,” the economist said.

On Monday, US Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America Ricardo Zika arrived in El Salvador to hold various meetings to “understand and clarify what happened on May 1,” the new legislature, a large pro-government majority, in the first instance, with five Supreme Court justices and Attorney General Raul Melara Decided to dismiss.

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JICA returned to North America on Wednesday to brief “different actors”, including the White House, on the situation in El Salvador after the removal of the Constitutional Justice and Attorney General.

In a brief statement to the diplomatic press, he said, “After clear conversations and a good understanding of the context, I will return to the United States to speak with different actors, with Congress, with the White House and with the State Department. To determine the next steps ”.

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The United States, which has been widely critical of the dismissal, said its diplomatic mission in El Salvador did not heed the call for a meeting with ambassadors with President Naib Bukhale, in which he justified his dismissal, saying he was giving delegates “their false information” about their countries.

Focus on agreement with the International Monetary Fund

Rommel Rodriguez, macroeconomic and development co-ordinator of the National Development Trust (Funde), pointed out that “in this context in El Salvador, special attention should be paid to agreements reached in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund”, a government analyzing debt of up to $ 1,400 million.

“This agreement with the International Monetary Fund is not a trivial matter, so it is important to analyze what the consequences will be for the people when this happens,” he said.

El Salvador has been in a political crisis since May 1, when the ruling party seized power in parliament in 2021-2024, and as a first step voted to remove the judges and attorney general, with President Buckley clashing last year.

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After hearing his dismissal, the Constitutional Court declared the vote against him unconstitutional, which various lawyers consider canceling the vote.

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