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Expert expectations for the first round and play

Expert expectations for the first round and play

The 2021 NBA post-season officially begins on Tuesday with the tournament, followed by the first round of qualifiers on Saturday.

After the exciting regular season end with the seeds finally set on the final day, the Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers will start on Tuesday in the East, followed by the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics in the late game.

On Wednesday, the San Antonio Spurs will face the Memphis Grizzlies in their first game in the West, followed by the Golden State Warriors against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Winners of the Wizards-Celtics Warriors-Lakers will win the No. 7 seed at their respective conventions, while the losers will face the winners of the Hornets Pacers and Tottenham Grizzlies on Thursday and Friday to compete for eighth place. Seeds, do you understand all of that? we will.

Will the defending champions return home early? How many passes will be made in the first round? What about historical surprises? Our experts set their expectations for every game played and every game in Round One.

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Playing in the Eastern Conference: Game 1

Boston Celtics 7: Washington Wizards (8)

Jerry Pembrey: Celtics

Nick Dipola: Celtics

Nick Friedel: Celtics

Kirk Goldsbury: Processors

Tim Legler: Processors

Tim McMahon: Processors

Bobby Marks: Processors

Dave McMenamin: Processors

Monica McNaugh: Processors

Kevin Bilton: Processors

Jorge Sedano: Celtics

Ramona Shelburne: Processors

Andre Snellings: Processors

Mark J. Spears: Processors

Royce Young: Processors

Om Yongmisuk: Processors

Final count: Wizards (12), Celtics (4)

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Indiana Pacers (9): Charlotte Hornets (10)

Jerry Pembrey: Pacers

Nick Dipola: Hornets

Nick Friedel: Pacers

Kirk Goldsbury: Hornets

Tim Legler: Hornets

Tim McMahon: Hornets

Bobby Marks: Pacers

Dave McMenamin: Hornets

Monica McNaugh: Pacers

Kevin Bilton: Pacers

Jorge Sedano: Pacers

Ramona Shelburne: Pacers

Andre Snellings: Pacers

Mark J. Spears: Pacers

Royce Young: Pacers

Om Yongmisuk: Hornets

Final count: Pacers (10), Hornets (6)

Playing in the Western Conference: Game 1

Los Angeles Lakers (7): Golden State Warriors (8)

Jerry Pembrey: Lakers

Nick Dipola: the Warriors

Nick Friedel: Lakers

Kirk Goldsbury: Lakers

Tim Legler: Lakers

Tim McMahon: Lakers

Bobby Marks: Lakers

Dave McMenamin: Lakers

Monica McNaugh: Lakers

Kevin Bilton: Lakers

Jorge Sedano: Lakers

Ramona Shelburne: Lakers

Andre Snellings: Lakers

Mark J. Spears: Lakers

Royce Young: Lakers

Om Yongmisuk: Lakers

Final count: Lakers (15), Warriors (1)

Memphis Grizzlies (9): San Antonio Spurs (10)

Jerry Pembrey: grizzly

Nick Dipola: grizzly

Nick Friedel: grizzly

Kirk Goldsbury: Tottenham

Tim Legler: Tottenham

Tim McMahon: grizzly

Bobby Marks: grizzly

Dave McMenamin: grizzly

Monica McNaugh: grizzly

Kevin Bilton: grizzly

Jorge Sedano: grizzly

Ramona Shelburne: grizzly

Andre Snellings: grizzly

Mark J. Spears: Tottenham

Royce Young: grizzly

Om Yongmisuk: grizzly

Final count: Grizzlies (13), Tottenham (3)

Eastern Conference: the first round

Jerry Pembrey: Heat and 6

Nick Dipola: Heat and 6

Nick Friedel: Bucks On 6

Kirk Goldsbury: Bucks On 7

Tim Legler: Heat and 7

Tim McMahon: Bucks On 7

Bobby Marks: Bucks On 6

Dave McMenamin: Bucks On 7

Monica McNaugh: Bucks On 7

Kevin Bilton: Bucks On 7

Jorge Sedano: Heat and 7

Ramona Shelburne: Bucks On 7

Andre Snellings: Bucks On 6

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Mark J. Spears: Bucks On 7

Royce Young: Bucks On 6

Om Yongmisuk: Bucks On 7

Final count: Bucks (12), Heat (4)

Jerry Pembrey: Knicks and 6

Nick Dipola: Knicks and 6

Nick Friedel: Knicks and 6

Kirk Goldsbury: Knicks and 6

Tim Legler: Knicks and 6

Tim McMahon: Knicks and 6

Bobby Marks: Knicks and 7

Dave McMenamin: Knicks and 6

Monica McNaugh: Knicks and 6

Kevin Bilton: Knicks and 7

Jorge Sedano: Knicks and 7

Ramona Shelburne: Knicks and 5

Andre Snellings: Hawks and 6

Mark J. Spears: Knicks and 6

Royce Young: Hawks and 7

Om Yongmisuk: Knicks and 7

Final count: Nyx (14), Hawks (2)

Western Conference: the first round

Jerry Pembrey: Nuggets on 7

Nick Dipola: Blazer V7

Nick Friedel: Nuggets on 7

Kirk Goldsbury: Nuggets on 7

Tim Legler: Blazer V7

Tim McMahon: Nuggets on 6

Bobby Marks: Nuggets on 7

Dave McMenamin: Nuggets on 6

Monica McNaugh: Blazer V7

Kevin Bilton: Blazer in 6

Jorge Sedano: Blazer V7

Ramona Shelburne: Nuggets on 7

Andre Snellings: Blazer V7

Mark J. Spears: Blazer V7

Royce Young: Blazer V7

Om Yongmisuk: Nuggets on 7

Final count: Blazers (8), Nuggets (8)

Jerry Pembrey: Clippers and 6

Nick Dipola: Clippers and 6

Nick Friedel: Clippers and 6

Kirk Goldsbury: Clippers and 7

Tim Legler: Clippers and 6

Tim McMahon: Clippers and 7

Bobby Marks: Clippers and 6

Dave McMenamin: Clippers and 5

Monica McNaugh: Clippers and 6

Kevin Bilton: Clippers and 6

Jorge Sedano: Clippers and 6

Ramona Shelburne: Clippers and 5

Andre Snellings: Clippers and 5

Mark J. Spears: Clippers and 6

Royce Young: Mavericks at 7

Om Yongmisuk: Clippers and 6

Final count: Clippers (15), Mavericks (1)