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Exclusive Vicentelo Sambada is no longer in US government custody UNIVISION Drug Trafficking News

Vicente Sambada Nibla, Ismail ‘El Mayo’ Sambada, the eldest son of the leader of a faction of ‘El Vicentilo’ and Sinaloa Cardinal, is no longer in the custody of US prisons (POP), his spokeswoman Emery Nelson told The News News on Friday.

“Vicente Zambata-Nebla and Jesus Zambata-Garcia are not in the custody of the Prison Bureau”, In a statement to the media, Nelson asked him directly about both employers. The latter is the brother of El Mayo and the uncle of El Vicentilo.

When he was released, what was the legal status of Sambada Nibla, It is nowhere to be found.

“The POP did not provide additional information about detainees who were not in POP custody or released from POP custody,” Nelson said.

When a federal judge in Chicago sentenced him to 15 years in prison in May 2019, the lesser sentence for his extensive cooperation with U.S. authorities was speculated after he was released from 2022. He will become a protected witness.

Spokesmen for the U.S. Marshals Service, which protects those who change their identities after testifying against drug lords, terrorists, gangs and gang bosses, did not answer that question Friday.

“The Marshalls Service does not confirm or deny any information about anyone who may or may not have participated in the witness protection program. We did not provide any details on the whereabouts of the detainees, ”said his spokesman, James P. Stosel said in a written statement sent to the University Notices.

Frank Perez, a lawyer for Zambada Nepla, and U.S. Attorney Joseph D. Attempts to locate Fitzpatrick filed his lawsuit in the Illinois North District (DOJ) of the Judiciary, but failed until this note was published. Friday afternoon.

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In January 2020, Fitzpatrick said the store would not talk about the release of Zambata Nepla. “We refuse to comment on the matter at this time.” The lawyer later pointed out.

“This sadness did not occur yesterday”

At the sentencing hearing he handed down in 2019, Sambada Nepla confirmed it He was not interested in resuming his criminal career.

“I would like to say to your honor that this repentance did not happen only yesterday and that it did not happen just because I was in front of you about getting a sentence. This sad feeling has been with me for many years ”, “El Vicentelo” was revealed to federal judge Ruben Castillo in a Chicago court.

“The best way to start is to apologize, directly or indirectly, to everyone I have hurt,” continued the “El Vicente” in gray.

He particularly apologized for his role as the financial operator of the world’s most powerful criminal nations. His conviction is related to the smuggling of thousands of pounds of cocaine and heroin into this country on speedboats, submarines and planes.

“I did some bad things”, ‘El Mayo’ recognized Sambada’s eldest son.

The sentence handed down by Judge Castillo nearly two years ago was less than the 17 years recommended by the US government, which freed him from life imprisonment and reduced the length of his detention. He was handed over in 2010.

“For me, you did not sell ‘El Chapo’,” the magistrate said before sentencing. “I think it’s the other way around,” he stressed.

Federal prosecutors argued in a 23-page document Thanks for the info provided by the son of ‘El Mayo’ Over the years, they confiscated large quantities of narcotics that went to the United States and punished several members of the Sinaloa cartel, including ‘El Sappo’.

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Prosecutor Amanda Lipscomb told the court that she was “one of the most collaborative agents I have ever worked with” and that “there is a need to encourage other criminals to engage in and intend to engage in serious drug trafficking.” With the government “.

“We work for the government”

In the ‘El Sappo’ trial, Zambada Nibla described How his father introduced him to the world of drug trafficking as a child and even during his school years the Arelano Felix brothers negotiated during the war. In those conversations, he said, he was almost shot by the leaders of the Tijuana Cardinal.

Jury juice alias ‘El Vicentilo’ reveals that Guzman escaped from prison, which was a focal point in the criminal community between ‘El Mayo’ and ‘El Chapo’. According to his testimony, Guzman was associated with ‘El Vicentilo’ in a crowd after he escaped from prison in a laundry cart.

His detailed description of the cardinal’s activities and the relief of those secret conversations he had so far with Guzman helped to immerse him legally.

“He’s a real drug smuggler, he’s kidnapping with my father,” ‘El Mayo’s son replied. “When a lawyer asked him at trial, his defense argued that’ El Chapo ‘was” a myth. “

“He, like my father, was the leader of the Sinaloa cartel.” Stressed.

The cardinal’s other illegal activities were reported to the press Annabel Hernandez, Who compiled and expanded them into the book Traitor. Secret diary of Mayo’s son.

From municipal police officers to heads of federal organizations, to a general in Mexico’s National Security Secretariat (Cedena), Cabo said they are on the cartel’s paychecks.

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“When they sent us any police action in the state (Sinalova), those ships were safe. When a ship of cocaine arrives safely in Culiacan, my father will send an extra gift several times at the end of the month,” said Sambada Nipla, according to Hernandez’s book.

He said his father had arrived Frustration Because he had to spend a lot of money every month to maintain the activities of his group without being bothered by the authorities.

“Those are my dad’s words:‘ We work for the government; They are taking us to the races (they are constantly harassing them), except to work for them, ”said the boss, according to Hernandez.

Included is a portion of the petition agreement with the Attorney’s Office signed by Zambada Nepla Payment of $ 1.373 million And a residence permit for his family in the United States. This request, when leaving for free, pays for the version that stays in this country using another logo ‘El Vicentelo’ To avoid the assassination of his father’s cartel.