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Even Padrino Lopez's visit to Barinas did not stop the power outages

Even Padrino Lopez's visit to Barinas did not stop the power outages

On Wednesday, February 28, at 10:03 a.m., a video was posted of the arrival of Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino López in Barinas, and several “memes” immediately appeared in which people sarcastically emphasized that they would do this day Do not turn off the light anywhere, because “The Godfather” was present.

Written by reporter lapatilla.com

“We are going with the people of Barinas so that this new phase will be a phase of prosperity,” were some of the words the general was heard saying as he got off the Venezuelan Air Force plane that transported him to this entity to assume leadership of the country. The “care” that Maduro entrusted to him.

Many expected that General Padrino Lopez would be able to solve the most important problem of the time: the power outage.

“If he comes like the others came, we won't get out of here,” said a motorcyclist who saw the “Godfather” arriving from the fence surrounding Barinas airport.

Maria Devia posted via WhatsApp, at 11:23 pm on Wednesday, February 27, that power had just arrived in the Cuatricentenaria urbanization area and requested Padrino Lopez to come to check the power outage in Barinas.

Meanwhile, Isabel Lucia Delgado reported on Facebook that the power outage lasted for more than four hours in the lower part of Barinas.

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