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The regime eliminates fifteen other NGOs

The regime eliminates fifteen other NGOs

The regime of Daniel Ortega ordered the Ministry of the Interior, headed by María Coronel Kinloch, to abolish eight non-profit organizations “for non-compliance with the laws regulating them” and seven for “voluntary dissolution.”

The cancellations were signed under Ministerial Agreement No. 12-2024-OSFL.

The official newspaper La Gaceta reported that the organizations “failed to comply with their obligations under the law, before the General Directorate for the Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations; As they did not submit their financial statements according to the financial periods for the periods from 01 to 26 years.

The organizations canceled for “non-compliance” are:

– Establishment of the Supreme Council of Private Enterprises (FUNCOSEP)
– Chinandega Farmers Association (ADACH)
– Association of Missionary Sisters of the Christian Doctrine (MDC)
– Association of Livestock Breeders and Producers of Tipitaba (ASOGAPROTI),
-The light of Christ at sunset
-San Pedro de Lovago Social Club
– Nicaraguan Development Foundation (FUNDE)
– Villanueva Cattle Breeders Association

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In addition to having the legal status of these organizations revoked due to their non-compliance, these other organizations have asked the Ministry of the Interior for their “voluntary dissolution”:

– Nicaraguan Genealogical Academy Society
– Ministries of International Assistance, IC
-Evangelical Church Association “House of Glory”
– Nicaraguan Institute of the Blind Women's Association
– Al-Message Association to reach the world
– Presbyterians help Nicaraguans
– Society for the Ministry of the House of God, Jewels of Christ

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So far in 2024, there are already 57 organizations that have been abolished either directly or by “voluntary dissolution.”