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European ideology!  Key concepts of Fernando Hierro and Veliko Paunovic during their stay in Chivas

European ideology! Key concepts of Fernando Hierro and Veliko Paunovic during their stay in Chivas

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The new board of directors and coaching staff will try to apply a new mindset, whereby respect for the player and the demand for good results are prioritized.


Chivas undergoes a restructuring caused rojiblanca fans are excited to get good results, as Sports director Fernando Hierro and coach Veliko PaunovicThey are clear about the position they will maintain during their stay in Guadalajara.

The Spanish and Serbian will apply mentality Europeans only, where footballers will be given all the confidence, so that they make their decisions on and off the field; however, They will be required to get results in their own jobs.

After several days of working at Verde Valle, A source told Rebaño Pasión That some of the concepts that can be summarized the methodology of work in the first team are: respect and dignity of the football player, where He will treat you as a valuable asset to the club, not just a tool for achieving goals.

The Another concept would be the absolute requirement and obligationBecause despite the freedom that will be given to the kickers, the board of directors and the technical staff will ask them to be professionalThey will tend to all needs so that they can achieve the set goals.

What will the preparation for the Chivas season look like?

The Guadalajara will report on November 14 for medical examinationsthus starting a series of works in Verde Valle, Barra de Navidad and even in Spain, where eight preparatory matches are planned in seven weeks, where it stands out Duels against Getafe and Athletic Bilbao.

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