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Ethel Puzo attacks Natalie Vertiz: 'I'll explain tomorrow because she doesn't know my house' |  Showbiz |  Kollywood |  Eye width

Ethel Puzo attacks Natalie Vertiz: 'I'll explain tomorrow because she doesn't know my house' | Showbiz | Kollywood | Eye width

Ethel Puzo responded angrily to Natalie Vertez after she mentioned that the “América Hoy” host has a house as big as Jefferson Farfan's and enough money to buy fast-track tickets at Disney World.

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The model wondered why Ethel was surprised by the former footballer's mansion, which she said had a property in Surco of the same size or even larger.“Listen, you silly Ethel, how surprised you are at La Fuca's house, when yours is the same size, I think.” Natalie commented.

As is known, both América Televisión hosts are neighbors of the same area and would have visited each other on multiple occasions due to the seven-year working relationship between Yako Eskenazi and Pozo.

But that's not all she had to say, as Natalie Vertiz also commented on the comments Puzo made about the “fast pass,” which Natalie and Yako reportedly did not buy during their recent trip to Disney World with their kids and nanny.

“I've been listening to Ethel say that she doesn't go to Disney, and she doesn't pay for a fast ticket, she pays, of course, and she pays for a jumbo ticket, and she goes right through the lines at Disney. She's already realized that, she's already realized that, my friend; How can you do that, right? “How funny, my friend Ethel!”he added.

Given the strong response from the former Miss Peru, Gisela Valcarcel's daughter responded to a tweet from influencer Rick La Torre, who published Nathalie Vertez's statements on the program “You're in All”.

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“I saw it! Unbelievable. Tomorrow I'll respond to you on the show, Rick, but I'm reiterating my position. To me, there's a lack of empathy when you say publicly that you're spending $575 on Disney's 'Quick Dough,' when there are many… “People who are really struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage.” That's all I said and he seemed shocked by his words. Ethel wrote.

Immediately, Prunella Horna's partner responded to a user of the social network who claimed that the same people in her social circle had “outed” her.

“Tomorrow I'll explain that, because she doesn't know my house. But it's a shame that he says that and people believe it. I understand what you're saying because anyone listening to it clearly sounds like they know my house and that I was going to Disney just like her! Completely false.” “Exactly because I know her, I won't let her.” Lying like that.” He confirmed.

She also responded to a netizen who called her “fake.” “Do you want me to say that it's normal for me to go to Disney and pay quickly? I think you didn't take the time to review what was discussed and what bothered me. Please have compassion for the people who actually live on a daily basis and practice magic to make ends meet on their paychecks. Because of them, I feel like we don't We can say on TV that it's normal to pay $575 to avoid waiting in line at Disney, “that was the case.”it's Don.