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Etecsa extends international packaging offer “Quintuplica tu balanza”

Etecsa extends international packaging offer “Quintuplica tu balanza”

The Cuban telecom company, Etecsa, has reported the extension of its latest international recharge promotion.

“We extend until July 5 the offer of international recharge with Quintuplica tu 25 GB balance (valid for 30 days), as well as unlimited internet (from 12:00 to 7:00 am for 30 days),” they reported a few hours ago.

In this way, the company has returned to “selling” one of its most “attractive” offers to customers.

According to Etecsa, from June 23 to 30, people in Cuba who receive international top-ups between 500 CUP and up to 1250 CUP will see their balance multiplied 5 times.

Likewise, they will have a 25 GB voucher for all networks valid for 30 days, unlimited internet from 12:00 am to 7:00 am, in which case, it will be valid for 30 days from receiving the recharge.

The company specifies that it is possible to purchase an international recharge using the US dollar account of the MiTransfer (Cuban mobile wallet) exchange.

However, the offer “does not apply to recharges made at MLC stores.”

ETECSA recharge until July 5

Until July 5th, ETECSA customers who get 500 CUP international credit will get a bonus of 2500 CUP on their basic credit. They will also get 25 GB + Unlimited Internet, valid for 30 days from the last recharge received.

Etecsa states that the 25GB, which is valid for all networks as well as unlimited internet, is activated as soon as a recharge is received.

You should also know that those who already have existing data vouchers, local and international shared plans, and LTE packages at the time of receiving the international recharge, “the validity date will be extended to 30 days from the date the recharge is received, with the expiration time at 23:59 CST” .

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Remember, Monopoly states, “The applicable exchange rate is 1 USD X 24.00 CUP”. In other words, if customer buys 500 CUP recharge, 20.83 USD will be deducted from the USD account of MiTransfer bag.