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Ephrat: A historic, American proposal to partner in semiconductors

Ephrat: A historic, American proposal to partner in semiconductors

Marcelo Ebrard, the foreign secretary, explained Victory SSecond Annual Meeting of the United States-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue, Held with his US representative, Anthony Blinken.

“What we have is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation, so we’re going to take it (…) It’s a historic opportunity for Mexico,” the foreign minister said.

They were invited to a meeting attended by Economy Secretary Tatiana Cloutier Mexico became a partner of the United States in terms of semiconductors, which Ebrard described as historic.

“Mexico very generously accepts the offer that the United States has given us because we have been invited to participate as allies and partners, participating in various initiatives related to President Biden’s semiconductors,” Ebrard said.

This will help reduce poverty in Mexico, the foreign minister said at a press conference This would be twice the current economic growth rate.

“This is a big door that will open for the Mexican economy starting this year and in the years to come,” he said.

“This means Mexico jobs, integration, the future, maybe, we think Mexico could grow twice as fast as it is growing today, which means poverty can be reduced much faster and infrastructure can grow much faster,” he added.

He also participated in the meeting with Chancellor Blinken US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo spoke about security and migration issues.

“What I know is that today is being built, and based on these initiatives by Presidents Biden and López Obrador, we have a shared commitment to the future,” the foreign minister said.

It is estimated that the US will invest 50,400 million U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Marie Raimondo indicated that the dollars for the said work will be implemented starting in the first half of 2023, within the framework of DEAN.

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Mexico and the United States hope to reach agreements on energy

Both countries hope to achieve thisSolutions on technical advice on energy mattersMarcelo Ebrard promised.

After the United States and Canada heard Mexico on July 20, meetings on the topic almost began on August 23. A review of compliance in this regard within the framework of T-MEC.

“These consultations allow us to have a mechanism to resolve these differences; this is not the purpose of the meeting, because we know that it is in the process of negotiation, and we hope that an agreement will be reached,” the foreign minister said.

For his part, Antony Blinken assured that both countries did, based on conversations with the Mexican government. Shared opportunities to create an energy futureA steady growth emerges.

The official saidView of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador It is the integration of economies and one way to do that is through clean energy.

“Dispute resolution is part of any business relationship. We use it, if there is any difference, it is a way to do it; it inspires investors’ confidence. It is ongoing, but the important thing is that we can have it. We are continuing all the momentum for integration to solve the problem, And we are creating the most competitive region in the world,” he said.