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Entering medicine from FP without EBAU: “I see myself as prepared”

Entering medicine from FP without EBAU: “I see myself as prepared”

race Medicine It’s complicated even before you get in. Those who achieve a pure grade in Baccalaureate It culminates in a perfect result Ebao They also have to face the attitudes of their “competitors” on the lists to reach the university that adapts to their needs.

Pedro Martinez obtained the necessary degree for this health degree at a university in Catalonia, but his financial resources did not allow him to study outside his hometown of Madrid. That’s why he decided to take a “turn” and sign up for Postgraduate degree in health documentationAnd use this training as a “bridge” towards their desired university studies. He decided to take it “online”, so it only took one year, with the first semester focusing all the theoretical subjects, and leaving the second semester to do the practices of said subject. Vocational training.

After completing these studies and embarking on a second attempt, Pedro was able to obtain a medical degree in Complutense University of Madrid In the same year. Only a few weeks after starting his new office, he noticed some differences in relation to his colleagues, as completing vocational training “implied… Maturation process And be very clear about your goals,” says the student himself.

Advantages of getting medicine from FP

Although it is not the path he initially thought of, the young man from Madrid admits that his previous studies It brought advantages Beyond the new perspective that Facing the university. One of the most important Professional background Which gave him his previous degree, which in his opinion is more than equal to what the rest of his colleagues obtained. “I feel good about the preparation. Now, it makes sense, I have to study.”

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In fact, he wished to expand his knowledge of the higher order, sacrificing the “speed” with which he did so: “If I could go back, I will enter again through FP, “But I’ll do the head-to-head approach for two years.”

“If I could go back, I would enter medicine again through the FP program, but I would do two years of personal study.”

In case Jurina CoelhoAlthough similar, it is part of a decision that took longer over time. This 23 year old girl He did not get the necessary grade She received her doctorate in medicine when she took the selective exam and decided to pursue her second option, a degree in biology, but her primary vocation was always there: “I finished my studies very happily and specialized in health biology, “But I didn’t change my mind,” he recalls.

For this same reason, he decided to choose a different itinerary and make the trip Higher Technician Degree in Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. With her degrees in these studies and her second attempt at specific subjects at EBAU, Jurena also began her studies in medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid in the same year.

Profession and degree, two fronts that sometimes clash in medicine

Looking back, Coelho realizes this The beginning of the second university It served as an introduction to A Greater preparation. If you focus only on your qualification in vocational training and compare it with a baccalaureate, you share Pedro’s opinion regarding the maturity factor that intervenes in this path Outside the “standard” followed by the majority: “The person before him profession He found a way to get into the case despite all the obstacles and ended up there. Perhaps, I’m not sure he could be a better doctor than someone who got into the case by inertia, Just to get a good grade“Says the student.

“A person who, because of his profession, found a way into medicine by overcoming obstacles, will probably be a better doctor than someone who entered medicine simply because he got a good grade.”

Likewise, after the first days in her new class, the biology graduate explains nuance regarding access to vocational training studies: “I think it’s good to do Postgraduate degree related to health, Because in the Baccalaureate of Health Sciences, the basic concepts of the first year of medicine are taught,” he says. He also finds that his new colleagues “are very prepared, and they have very clear ideas despite their age.”

However, she would take this path as the first choice if she could reverse the events, as well as her own existence “Plan B” which provides other healthy career opportunitiesShe would have been allowed to wear a doctor’s gown many years ago. For this reason, he encourages all those who want to study medicine to choose alternative access to a baccalaureate degree “no matter their age, they just have to want it.”

Although it may contain statements, statements or observations from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend that the reader consult any health-related questions with a health care professional.