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Emilio Tapia: He will be transferred to Bogota Modelo Prison - Investigation - Justice

Emilio Tapia: He will be transferred to Bogota Modelo Prison – Investigation – Justice

Sources from the Attorney General’s Office confirmed this to EL TIEMPO Emilio Tapia, He was investigated under a contract signed between Unión Temporal Centros Poblados and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (Mintic), left in the custody of the relevant authority, and will be transferred this Wednesday to La Modelo prison in Bogota.

Until Monday, Tapia was held in a medical center in Barranquilla, where he was arrested after being released from hospital.

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On September 25, the Escrow Control Judge issued an arrest warrant for Luis Fernando Duque, the legal representative of the Poblado Temporary Centers Federation, Juan José Laverde, of the Rave Insurance Agency, and Emilio Tapia Aldana.

For the Prosecutor’s Office, Emilio Tapia He was the person behind the companies that formed the temporary union. When it didn’t get the bank’s policies to give itself to the bid, Poblado Centers, the accused entity says, turned to people “possibly experts” in falsification of documents.

Tapia, who was convicted of committing a “carousel of recruitment” in Bogotá, spent Monday night in a cell at the URI of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in Barranquilla, waiting to be transferred to Bogotá.

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The new act of corruption that she was associated with relates to the signing of the contract with Mintic, which was intended to bring the Internet to rural schools. In that contract, which was declared to expire after a policy error was discovered, an advance of 70,000 million pesos was made.

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Faced with the position of Tapia, who from his prison home finished paying his sentence for the “carousel”, the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked the first judge to carry out Barranquilla’s sentences to cancel his house arrest.

For the watchdog, the man had violated the house in prison because, according to the prosecutor’s office at the hearing in the populated centers case, he was going to attend meetings in different cities of the country to achieve the award of the contract. That is, he left house arrest without permission to do so.

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for the so-called “carousel” of hiring, among others, the former mayor of Bogotá, Samuel Moreno, with three sentences (24, 39, 30 years old); Former Senator Ivan Moreno (14 years old), Former Representative German Olano (8 years old), Former Governor Alvaro Cruz (6 years old), Former Comptroller Miguel Angel Moralesrosi (13 years old), Former Representative Francisco Rojas Perry (8 years old) and Attorney Alvaro Davila, 19, and businessmen Emilio Tapia (7) and Julio Gomez, 10.

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