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Election results: Brazil takes over from Bolsonaro government to Lula's team |  international

Election results: Brazil takes over from Bolsonaro government to Lula’s team | international

On Thursday, Bolsonaro’s supporters gathered in front of the army headquarters in Brasilia to demand military intervention.Diego Vara (Reuters)

The transition officially begins in Brazil away from the noise of the retreat Bolsonaro protests over electoral defeat to their leader. The team of the future president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, met Thursday in Brasilia with two ministers from the government of Jair Bolsonaro, who lost narrow margin The closest elections in the history of Brazil. It was a very productive conversation. Very objective”, declared Vice-President-elect, Geraldo Alcumen, who was appointed by Lula as coordinator of the transfer of powers team after the meeting at the Planalto Palace. Representatives of the Workers’ Party (PT) returned to the Government House for the first time since the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff in 2016.

One of the ministers, Reserve General Luis Eduardo Ramos, congratulated them on the victory, unlike his boss, who, after a silence of nearly 48 hours, Avoid verbally admitting his defeat And congratulating the winner, but at the same time he authorized his cabinet to begin the transition. The far right wing has been walking a tightrope to please its most radical followers, the driving force behind the movement it leads, and compliance with the law.

Protests by Bolsonarists convinced that there was fraud gradually subsided after the president asked them Wednesday night to raise the barriers because they “harm the right to come and go” of citizens and the economy. Immediately afterwards, he supported protests calling for military intervention to prevent Lula, a leftist who Leading a broad coalition, took power by saying that “other protests, demonstrations taking place all over Brazil, are welcome, they are part of the democratic game.” The president prefers to point out that they are peaceful and ignore their revolutionary character.

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A few hundred people gathered again on Thursday in front of the army headquarters in São Paulo in the atmosphere of the pilgrimage. Much less than on the previous day, a day off, as there were similar gatherings in many capitals. The national anthem plays on loudspeakers and there is a sign that reads, “SOS Armed Forces. We need your help,” and a group prays our father Next to a young man holding a cross. Most of the attendees have gray hair.

Meanwhile, the shutdown Supreme Electoral Tribunal, with the help of major tech companies, is accelerating groups on social networks that advocate and coordinate mobilization. “Anyone who contests the elections in anti-democratic actions will be treated as a criminal,” Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes said on Thursday.

“Pretending is not a crime” and warns: “Unfortunately, if Lula comes to power, there will be Isolation, as is the case with Dilma (Russeff, dismissed in 2016). He explains that he’s mobilizing because he considers that there has been fraud from the moment he was Lola Eligible to stand for election.

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Eduardo Helleno, a specialist in strategic and defense studies, recalls that demonstrations in front of the barracks, like Wednesday’s nationwide demonstrations, are not new. Bolsonaro was already leading protests in the 1990s in Rio de Janeiro by soldiers’ wives demanding adequate wages.

This is how this expert interprets the signals from the armed forces and military police since the Brazilians voted and decided that from January 1, Lula will take up a third term. “We have silence from the highest commanders of the armed forces, which means more respect for institutions and the electoral outcome than support for Bolsonaro. The initiative of the Vice President, General (Hamilton) Mourao, to start the transition with Geraldo Alckmin, further isolated Bolsonaro. The colonels of the Military Police have played an important role in Achieving the reduction of the blockade (of highways).”

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As for the soldiers, the sense of humor is different: “At the lower levels there is declared support for the protests, it is more visible in the police, but it is present in the armed forces, and this is worrying in the short, medium and long term.”

Heleno explains that calls for military intervention are based on a misinterpretation of Article 142 of the Constitution, which has been turned into fake newsLong ago penetrated into the ranks of the Bolsonarist. He points out a dangerous conclusion: “There is a generation of middle managers (of the armed forces) influenced by this Manichaean manipulation who understands that the political left is an enemy, a political force that must be limited by the army with popular support…”

As evidence of the scope of the misinformation, the military has tripled the number of its Instagram followers (from two million to six million) since Monday because it was circulated through networks that, if their number reached 20 million, would intervene.

Protest organizers, who are hiding their names, intend to keep the pressure going until at least Sunday. You can count on attorney Emerson Silva, 49, arriving at the gates of Army Headquarters in São Paulo on a motorcycle straight from work. On Wednesday he had planned to return on Friday and would not rule out planting a tent for the weekend. She argues that electronic ballot box elections violated a series of constitutional principles such as transparency. For Silva and a large part of Bolsonaro’s followers, the evidence of fraud is the crowds that the far-right candidate has gathered throughout the campaign, unlike the left-wing Lula’s, which are always less crowded, according to them.

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