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El Funky gets job offers after seeking help online

El Funky gets job offers after seeking help online

Cuban rapper Eliecer Márquez Duany, known as UnconventionalHe confirmed that he received job offers after submitting a request for help on social networking sites.

Unconventional He is one of the artists performing the song “Home and Life”Which became an anthem for Cuban freedom. View an interview with the influencer Alex Otaolain the YouTube program Morning personWhere he explained how he lives in Miami.

Facebook is funky

The rapper receives some income for his participation in this important musical song, but it is not enough and he is keen to work to achieve his dreams in the United States.

“I was thinking a lot before Seek help online But this allowed me to see true friendships. “It helped me a lot,” the singer said.

“People think it's amazing that I'm a Grammy Award-winning artist and that I'm asking for work, but the problem is that I'm not from show business. I come from struggle and I'm not ashamed to say I need work. I'm not asking for money, I'm I'm looking for a job.”

“Yotel helped me a lot, he did a lot for me to be here, but this is a country in which one has to grow on one’s own,” the artist explained.

He explained that searching for work is a practical issue and “has nothing to do with the struggle” against dictatorship. He has to generate income to improve his quality of life and he will be able to achieve this because he already has many job offers.

The musician is an activist for human rights in Cuba and for the release of political prisoners, including his friend the rapper Michael Osorbo.

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Unconventional He immigrated to the United States Two years ago, under severe repression by the Havana regime. He left the island with the intention of attending the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards, where “Home and Life” It emerged as a winning song.

When he left Cuba, State Security escorted him to the plane and told him that they would probably never allow him to return to his homeland.