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Einstein’s Cross: The Cosmic Phenomenon That Distorts Spacetime – People – Culture

Einstein’s Cross: The Cosmic Phenomenon That Distorts Spacetime – People – Culture

Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, humans have been able to study various phenomena in space. Most remarkable is that it was possible to verify this Light does not travel through outer space the same way it does on Earth.

However, many of the celestial bodies that were observed and studied did not exist for a long time. This is because they are at a very far distance that cannot be measured in meters or kilometres, but rather in the speed with which light reaches that location.

for this reason, The “Einstein’s Cross” was created, which is part of the German scientist’s theory of relativity and makes it possible to study various space objects.

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What is an “Einstein’s cross”?

In order to know what an “Einstein’s cross” is, you must first have an idea of ​​”gravitational lenses”. The ScienceAlert web portal explains it this way: “Imagine placing a heavy object on a springboard, where the weight represents the cluster of galaxies and the springboard represents space-time.”

If you throw some marbles from one side of the trampoline to the other, their trajectory will be slightly curved as they move. The same thing happens with light rays that travel great distances through the universe. Therefore, an object that makes light bend is called a “gravitational lens”.

Einstein’s theory of relativity says that “gravitational lensing” also has the property of amplifying the light coming from later galaxies.
which is too far away to be estimated in detail.

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The “Einstein Cross” refers to the image that appears when the light from space objects is divided into four bright spots in the sky, to form a cross-like shape.

This phenomenon occurs when light travels through space and collides with a massive object in its path, similar to what happens in a solar eclipse when the moon falls between the earth and the sun. At that moment, the light bends and splits into four distinct rays surrounding the central celestial body, giving rise to this ” The Unique Luminous Cross.

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This has provided astronomers with a valuable tool for understanding the nature and properties of distant galaxies. In addition, the ability to amplify light makes it possible to explore distant regions of the universe that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Thanks to this galactic formationScientists can analyze cosmic phenomena millions of light years away, which allows for a more complete and detailed view of the universe. As astrophysics research advances, the “Einstein Cross” has revealed some of the mysteries of the universe.

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