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'Dragon Man', Chinese scientists introduce a new human species

‘Dragon Man’, Chinese scientists introduce a new human species

Harbin, China /

in most a shovel a mann is the name given by scientists to العلماء Skull found in Harbin, the northeastern region of China, dates from the past 146 thousand years And he could be the closest humans to humans as he was until now Neanderthals. This discovery he will change Completely Imagine evolutionary Source from our gender that we know to this day.

The Skull Harbin has a strange property a story, she was Discover On 1930 during the Building bridge in . province HeilongjiangHowever, it was Escondido at Well To protect him from the Japanese army. according to china daily gold from skull generation to generation even in 2018 The grandson of the alleged man who hid him 85 years ago decided receipt fossil for Ji Qiang, Teacher Paleontology from Hebei University Geo.

“With large eye sockets, a wide nose and eyebrows, and a low rib cage, but with flat, delicate cheekbones”How do they describe it. According to Qiang, the skull retains details and morphological features that indicate a combination of primitive characters And outdated, but with brain similar to modern humans.

For scholars, it has been difficult to determine the genealogical line, however, it is believed that the skull belongs Until now a leg 50 years old city dweller hunter gatherer with winter temperatures. This means it was awesome capacity from Adaptation And it can spread all over Asia.

So far, studies show that it is possible to talk about a The third lineage of humans Along with Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Chris StrangeR., co-author of the research that finding”It establishes a third human lineage in East Asia with its own evolutionary history and shows how important the region is to human evolution.”.

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