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Dr.  Gindi, from medicine to art as a contemporary sculptor

Dr. Gindi, from medicine to art as a contemporary sculptor

The German-Egyptian sculptor, Dr. Gendy, has spent her whole life wandering through different cultures and experiencing different emotional abyss. Educated as a physician, her life has focused on understanding why certain phenomena appear the way they are and why we react to them the way we do. Now its done “Fateful Choice” It will be shown in the famous European Museum of Modern Art From Barcelona from October 2021 to January 2022.

After many years since dedicating his entire life to art, he has worked with clay, bronze, and other materials to explore the divide in the human condition, and has gained widespread fame as one of Switzerland’s most prominent contemporary sculptors. His works have been in various exhibitions abroad, reaching countries such as Italy, Germany and China, and he is a member of the National Sculpture Association.

His work explores the influence of identity on the human condition in the present day, while searching for the infinity of human existence; This is what makes his sculptures so remarkable. As a qualified physician, she initially devoted her life to healing rotting bodies and minds. His three-dimensional healing sculptures are as much a testament to the daily suffering of human beings as they are to our initial claim to infinity, which is exemplified by the fine art of sculpture.

With this inspiration, I drew. soldier He was a finalist at the 2021 International Art Salon and was selected as a finalist in Sculptures and Sculptures Painting Competition 2012 by an international jury led by Spanish Foundation for Arts and ArtistsBeing one of the most prominent talents in the main European competition for contemporary plastic art.

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“Creating art in general and sculpture in particular requires skills not unlike those in the medical field: the ability to connect emotionally with the dinner servant, as well as careful attention to the rhythm of life, either through composition. Clay or flickering,” He said in a recent interview with Museum Week Magazine.

“The Fateful Choice” is an attempt to capture bewilderment before a healing spin. This happens when stress is upon us, like feeling a decision we have to make. Basically, the piece depicts a girl holding a knife behind her back. The “fateful choice” bears the judgment of the observer: the moment will tell.

The work will be present at the opening ceremony Pictorial 2021 On October 8, the event that will bring together artists, critics and collectors from around the world, to showcase the new collaborative spirit of contemporary art.