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Este miércoles, Antonio Lazcano en “Diálogos Ciencia y Cultura”

This Wednesday Antonio Lazcano in “Dialogues of Science and Culture”

As part of the course Dialogues of science and culture“, this Wednesday the world Antonio Lazcanoresearcher in UNAM . Faculty of Science and member of National CollegePresented by the conference “Science, Present and Future”.

Dr. Lazcano is a biologist, who directs UNAM Origin of life lab; Author of over 150 research papers, 70 of which are well-known, and author or co-author of 16 books.

At the table today they will share with archaeologist Dr. Lazcano Eduardo Matos, Poet David Huerta, director Nicholas Echevarria, ethnologist Sergio Raul Arroyo and art historian Graciela de la Torre. The schedule will be held on Wednesday, July 28 at 5:30 p.m. until Youtube Science and Culture Dialogue or on Facebook Science and Culture Dialogue.

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“Science and Culture Dialogues” is an online tabulation program that has been implemented in recent months, coordinated by anthropologist Polvi Cottom, researcher in the Directorate of Historical Studies at National Institute of Anthropology and History. The course analyzes science and culture in its history, present, and future, as well as issues related to democracy.

Researchers and specialists who discussed what the world has seen in the past year and a half with the pandemic participated. COVID-19and current government policies.

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In the coming weeks there will be tables on the cultural situation, analyzed by Jose Antonio Cordero and Graciela de la Torre. Later the poet Javier Cecilia will be there to provide an analysis of human rights in the country.

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