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Dozens of US Air Force planes fly to Kabul

Dozens of US Air Force planes fly to Kabul

(CNN) – Dozens of U.S. military transport planes arrive there Kabul International Airport On Monday, a source close to the situation told CNN that about 20,000 people were waiting to be evacuated.

According to plans, 33 U.S. Air Force C-17 jets are scheduled to land at Hamid Karzai International Airport in the next 24 hours. There are four large-engine aircraft capable of carrying 400 passengers from Kabul to the 20,000 people who tried to flee Afghanistan after being controlled by the Taliban majority. Last week the country, the source said.

But the source said Washington was changing its policy on who would be allowed into the airport, and that as of Monday, only US citizens and green card holders and NATO citizens would be allowed through the airport gates.

CNN reveals the confusing situation of leaving Kabul airport 3:49

Applicants for the U.S. Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, Afghans who have worked for U.S. government forces and agencies, will not be allowed to enter the airport as a way to leave the country.

They said the Taliban were now helping to filter out candidates who wanted to enter the airport and check their documents. Only qualified U.S. or NATO citizens such as immediate family members, spouses and children can be brought to the site.

Even with the new restrictions, thousands of Afghans, often of military age without “documents”, remained at the airport grounds. They arrived on the second day in a period of “everyone enters” in the filtering of participants.

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The source said there were no plans to evacuate people from the airport, which would confuse thousands.

One reason for the confusion is the decision to issue electronic visas to SIV applicants without names or document numbers. One source told CNN over the weekend that the Afghans then copied the visas into screen shots and sent them to thousands of Afghans who were ineligible to access the airport.

“Neither the embassy nor the administration has clearly realized how wrong it is to send that stupid visa and let everyone in directly 24 hours a day,” the source said Monday.

“Some say even those at the airport have no way to get out of here in four days,” the source added.

Flights will not reduce the number at the airport

Although more than 30,000 people have been airlifted from Kabul airport to the United States and allied countries since Aug. 14, a White House official said the airport was still crowded, including about 5,000 people in the 12-hour period on Sunday. Try to board a plane.

Biden vows to evacuate Kabul amid Afghanistan crisis 4:56

It said it did not know how the number of aircraft would reduce its overall total, and suggested that there could be a separate channel for Afghan security forces to patrol the perimeter of the base. Helping people they know at the airport, increasing the number.

On Sunday, the airport’s condition worsened throughout the day, with most of its entrance gates closed. Among the chaos were cases where families were separated and sent to different countries.

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“I do not know what they are doing, but local workers are still fighting at the gate, and they can not even enter,” he told CNN about the Afghans hired by the United States.

The families were separated and sent to different countries, the source added. It was “not by design, not really the fault of the American authorities, but they choose to enter the way individually or individually,” they said.

“They had cases where mom, dad and kids end up in different countries,” the source said.

Afghanistan was killed in a sniper attack

On Monday morning, chaos continued as gunfire killed a member of the Afghan security forces who helped secure the base, a source told CNN.

Families gathered at Kabul airport 3:11

The source said the shooter’s involvement was unclear.

In the chaos, Afghan forces retaliated, but in the direction of some U.S. sailors, shot themselves and wounded four Afghans.

All four are in stable condition and there are no U.S. casualties, the source said.

Nearly 20 people are thought to have been killed in a stampede or shooting around the airport last week.

A spokesman for Britain’s defense ministry told CNN that seven Afghan civilians had been killed in Saturday’s crash near Kabul airport.

A spokesman said one incident took place outside the airport and another outside the Baron Hotel.

“Land conditions are very challenging, but we are doing everything we can to handle the situation as safely as possible,” a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

A total of 12 people have been killed in and around the airport since the Taliban captured Kabul last Sunday, Reuters reports. Citing NATO sources and Taliban officials, CNN could not verify independently.

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Japan sends transport planes

At least 26,000 people have been evicted 0:46

Meanwhile, on Monday, Japan joined the list of countries sending military transport planes to Kabul.

Japan’s Chief of Staff Katsunobu Kado has said that a flight of the Japan Self – Defense Force (JSTF) will depart for the Afghan capital on Monday and that there will be more anticipation in the coming days.

JSTF flights will repatriate Japanese citizens – some of whom worked for the Japan International Cooperation Agency and other organizations – and who work at the Japanese embassy or Japanese embassies, said Katto.

CNN’s Nicki Carvajal, Brad London, Emigo Joshua, Sheena McKenzie and Sam Clay contributed to the report.