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La despedida de doña Fifa a Johnny, su compañero vida por más de 50 años

Donna Viva’s farewell to Johnny, her life partner of over 50 years

At Johnny Ventura’s funeral, Mayor of El Caballo, his widow, Nelly Josefina Flores, thanked all the Dominican people, authorities and political leaders for their participation and support in the three days of honoring her husband’s funeral.

“The Ventura family is now half of our hearts, the other we are leaving here tonight, in the name of 51 years almost 52 It made me live the happiest moments of my life, and it helped me build a beautiful family, with principles and a lot of courage.”

He also showed his sons the importance of taking their father’s example in life for them and for the whole world.

“I ask my children to be their father as an example That they go on, and that they do not sin in any way, for he did not, but taught them to be good men and women. Thank you all … Today I received the worthy support that people gave to my husband. ”

He took the opportunity to reiterate his gratitude to all participants in the farewell ceremony, in which the President of the Popular Power, Leonel Fernandez, the National Congress, the Mayor’s Office, and all the Dominicans participated.

“Thank you for your support and for accompanying us here,” he commented.

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