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Los médicos critican la libertad "mal ejercida" sin el estado de alarma

Doctors criticize the lack of control over the weekend

It has been three days since Spain was called farewell Alarm condition Doctors are already looking anxiously at State of “anarchy” That was launched after the measure was lifted, in reference to the “unjustified” crowds that left over the weekend in many parts of the country.

This kind of behavior is against Basic precautionary measures To avoid contracting Covid-19 infection, they make it imperative to “remember that what ended is a series of restrictions, however.” No epidemic Which we are still walking through, “they explain who State Federation of Medical Trade Unions (CESM).

For the union, the photos of the first hours after the state of alert are just ” A reflection of the wrong message“Which has been launched and the lack of knowledge of different departments when it comes to expressing this” new normal. ” Absolute “bad practice” freedom, Which may jeopardize the current stability and assume a “retreat towards already known adverse situations.”

Not only this. These positions “Uncontrolled” was a “heavy blow” to the health professionalsEspecially after more than a year of front-line fighting against the virus, who indignantly see how all the work done is at risk.

Measures against lack of control

“The folly that many have shown cannot assume that this already exhausted group is compelled – once again – to a great and passionate effort to continue providing the best quality of care to the population,” they criticize the union, recalling 112 doctors have lost their lives in this epidemic.

For all this, from CESM they request measures from the departments responsible for block The situation is getting out of control A new wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths must be faced. In the same way, it requires a good sense of A. Too tired residents But you should keep some basic precautions so that you do not have to revert to previous restrictions.

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