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Kaufman (NASA) calls for space exploration from a global perspective - science

Kaufman (NASA) calls for space exploration from a global perspective – science

Pamplona (Spain), May 11th (EFE). – NASA deputy director of Earth Sciences, Sandra Kaufman, believes “human progress in space exploration from the perspective of the world as a global system.”

In an online session organized by the Women for Science and Technology group at the University of Navarra in northern Spain, the speaker, who has been with NASA for more than 30 years, explained the importance of space exploration to better understand where we are getting to know planet Earth.

“Studying other worlds can teach us about our world,” he added, according to the University of Navarre in a statement.

Kaufman, who led the NASA Climate Change Project, highlighted the importance of some satellites for studying the Earth, and understanding phenomena such as the composition of the atmosphere, the carbon cycle and ecosystems, diversity and climate change, the water and energy cycle, among others.

In this sense, he insisted on the importance of studying space to better understand the Earth and be able to take precautionary measures to protect it.

“We only have one land and we have to protect it and not protect it. We know that there are many changes and impacts to which we are contributing: climate change, forest fires, rising sea levels, intensification of hurricanes,” he said.

The Costa Rican scientist talked about the innovation efforts carried out at NASA, and how space missions are being planned and prepared.

In this regard, he emphasized the social impact of the investments made in the various trips to space, in relation to technological advances such as improving existing communication infrastructures, generating high-precision tools in medicine, or establishing water purification devices. Devices you already use in the third world.

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In her speech, the NASA engineer and physicist highlighted the need to increase scientific knowledge in order to address the problems facing humanity and highlighted the importance of men and women continuing to choose scientific careers.

In addition, Kaufman reviewed the personal and professional difficulties he faced throughout his career, and pointed out the importance of controlling life and comrades on the road, defining dreams and perseverance in continuous work despite the challenges and obstacles that human beings face. During his life.