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Disclosure of the controversial reason for not attending Pele’s funeral

Disclosure of the controversial reason for not attending Pele’s funeral

Last Thursday, December 29th Matt Pele And many people decided to go to Brazil to say goodbye to the greatest football player. The Brazilian legend had a 24-hour public vigil in a stadium saints, A team where he crafted a good part of his brilliant career.

Thousands of people gathered to see them off pellet At the Villa Belmero stadium and even Gianni Infantino head fif it was, Move to Brazil. However, there were also absences and one of them was an absence Neymar Who is one of the best stars Choose Brazil in these times. In addition, Ney was also forged in a quarry saints.

Neymar Can’t travel to Brazil To sack Pele, who always supported him in his career, and for which he sent his father as an actor, a fact that did not go well in Brazil.

Why didn’t Neymar attend Pele’s funeral?

A report by TNT Brasil indicated that the lack of files Neymar at a funeral pellet It was because psg He didn’t want to be released. However, other Brazilian media reports that the player deemed it inappropriate to travel.

On the other hand, Le Parisien newspaper noted: “The Parisian club has its player (Neymar) for the next installments, while the calendar for the start of 2023 seems particularly busy. A quick trip to Brazil At this point in the season, that didn’t feel right given the series of games to come psg in January.”

Pele kids say goodbye

Pedro Vilela/Getty

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Pele now rests in peace

pellet Lying peacefully. The Brazilian superstar made his last run on the streets saintsin the middle of the party the crowd sang and wept to the grave of their greatest idol.

Thousands of people wanted to say goodbye to the King, for many, the best footballer of all time, the only one to win 3 World Cups: Edson Arantes do Nascimento “Pele”.

The doors of Villa Belmero are closed to the public. Thus closed the once-burning church on the turf of the Santos stadium, which was attended by 230,000 people after enduring a queue of sometimes kilometres.


Thousands of fans shot him while he was walking the streets of Santos

Guilherme Dionisio / Eve

In the center of the field, above a tent, is Pele’s open coffin, surrounded by family, friends and authorities who have infiltrated the Santista Stadium.

head of the Gianni Infantino FIFA The Head of State of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, attended on Monday and Tuesday, two days after taking office, accompanied by First Lady Rosângela da Silva.

After the mass, eight cadets of the Sao Paulo Military Police, dressed in fine clothing, carried the black coffin with silver detailing on their shoulders. In the background, a funeral bugle call and the sound of some helicopters.

Giant banners were waving in the stands glorifying the former striker, while uniformed men carried his remains to the top of a fire truck to start Santos’ procession.


eternal pellet)

Marcelo Cello / AP

At Villa Belmero’s exit, the body disappeared. At that moment, dozens of effervescent fans were waiting, equipped with drums and tuned throats.

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