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Did Alejandra Guzmán suffer abuse from her father?  A kiss video between them raises suspicions among the audience

Did Alejandra Guzmán suffer abuse from her father? A kiss video between them raises suspicions among the audience

After the announcement of the start of legal proceedings for Frida Sophia, the daughter of La Guzmán, against her famous grandfather, an audiovisual show appeared that sparked all kinds of comments about the relationship between Alejandra and Enrique.

Since Frida Sophia, the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, admitted that she suffered from abuse by her grandfather, singer Enrique Guzman, a series of scandals has been launched in which everyone wants to participate in and give an opinion.

Dozens of celebrities are talking about it, and the concerned family is also in the eye of the hurricane with their statements. Not forgetting the latest news, Frida will initiate legal proceedings against “different persons”.

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In the midst of all this drama, he not only surprised the audience, but expected a fair result.

A scandal appears to be coming. Photo: Illustration and non-commercial / https://www.instagram.com/p/CNsolLJsiwa/

Frida recently posted this photo on her Instagram, where she made it clear that things are serious and that she will do all she can to reveal the truth.

“With the unparalleled support of my family and friends, I have taken a decision to initiate legal proceedings against different people due to facts that the public knows (…) I invite the media to ask any questions or clarifications regarding the legal procedures that the professionals contacted and wrote in the letter that it happened in the day One on more than 70,200 views.

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His followers expressed their support: “Here as always, I always support you in all the decisions you make, and I know everything will go well, blessings,” “I believe that you and I support you. Let us always remember that it is part of the healing process. Yourself can be humiliating to people who have benefited from your own brokenness. Some of the comments were for you and without fear. “Being three years old does not rob you of the crimes you have committed, justice for those who are right.”

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But a video resurfaced from oblivion, which caused eyes to turn to the Spanish rock queen, Alejandra Guzman, who stars in this video with her father. The material caused various reactions, including that the singer had printed some abuse from an early age.

The picture that captures the controversial moment. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.tiktok.com/@kai_loove/video/6951679953729539334?lang=es&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

“It’s scary how serious this is … the truth made me think of its expression, I don’t know about you …” wrote kai_loove user, who posted a video giving a lot to talk about. Mexican Press.

The audiovisual performance is performed by Enrique and Alejandra, and they appear to be on stage, both smiling at their faces up close. Everything seems normal until the moment they close together and end up kissing on the mouth, Alejandra leaves an expression that leaves anyone in cold blood.

The clip with more than 614,900 views on this profile reads “Look at Ale’s face after kissing his father, he gets serious and thoughtful … what no one notices.”

Thousands of people have liked this kiss. Explanatory and non-commercial video / https://www.tiktok.com/@kai_loove/video/6951679953729539334?lang=es&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

Video hovers over the web, traveling from one network to another, causing suspicion and anger among the audience.

“A father or daughter is not kissed in the mouth, no matter how much love, it is shown in another way”, “That kiss was not normal”, “I love my father, I dare say it is my life, but I will never kiss him.” That was a kiss For a couple, not a father and daughter kiss, “I don’t know how there are families that do this kind of thing, right? But it is uncomfortable.” These families have normalized these behaviors for a long time. Don’t be surprised that the old man has gone so far with his granddaughter, ”“ He called me closed, but here there was even a bite of the lip. ”

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Hundreds of comments continue to blame this behavior.

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Pandora’s chest has been opened and its secrets are slowly emerging. This in addition to Frida’s legal proceedings add to the torrent of accusations that Enrique Guzman has received over the years, as characters from the entertainment world remember his violent and masculine attitudes in the past, such as touching Veronica Castro’s breasts without his consent or making strange comments. He lives around his daughter Alejandra.

The stories of her former partner, actress Sylvia Piñal (Alejandra’s mother and Frida’s grandmother), who indicated in her diary that she was a victim of the singer’s violent behavior during their marriage, are also revived.