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Diaz-Canel sends residents to work in a marginal neighborhood in Havana, selected for another tour

Diaz-Canel sends residents to work in a marginal neighborhood in Havana, selected for another tour

Miguel Diaz-Canel La Federal residents sent to work, a poor neighborhoods The municipality of Guanabacoa in Havana‘a society in transition’, as the system now defines suburbs that for decades have been in a state of absolute abandonment and that receive the attention of the dome of power as a result of Historic September 11 Protests.

The account of the Presidency of Cuba posted on Twitter: “PresidentDiazCanelB is now located in the neighborhood of La Federal, in the municipality of Guanabacoa in Havana, a community in transformation where more than 800 people live.”

The official channel added, which revealed “the rationing of homes, the delivery of supply books, a storeroom, a bread basket, a playground, the construction of a sports field, the improvement of roads and the approximation of vital services to the community.” Neighbors claim “a gas selling point”.

The tour was usually echoed by state media Portraits of the ruler surrounded by people or wandering around the houses and construction workand written texts.

Official Gazette Granma focused on Diaz-Canel visits a home raised by a mother of four and Official TV Report Publication of Díaz-Canel’s frequent dialogue with the job demand for the community’s residents, with 250 unemployed.

All who have no work should start work, and work on the things the neighborhood needs here. With his own business, he is also improving his family’s situation. Do we agree with that? “

“Things are common to all and based on all. And so we all support each other in the neighborhood and the same neighborhood with their talent, and their efforts thrive,” he added.

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The call contradicts the reality of the Cubans, whose salary is not enough to cover their basic needs, as the authorities themselves admitted. Economy Package The “arranging task” brought about an increase in salaries and pensions in Cuba, but at the same time it led to massive inflation This makes money seep into families’ pockets and amid widespread shortages.

a vote Executed by the French multinational IPSOS, Miguel Diaz-Canel has been ranked second among the most rejected presidents. Latin americawith 14% support, is just above Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro, who has only 4% approval.