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Dgcim left the detained American in a wheelchair and continued his torture at the hospital

Dgcim left the detained American in a wheelchair and continued his torture at the hospital

US prisoners freed in Venezuela arrive at Joint Base San Antonio on December 20, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. REUTERS/Kaylee Greenlee Beal

Activist Tamara Suju, director of the Casala Institute, exposed on social networks the dramatic case of Edgar Marvel Moreno, who was tortured by members of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate (DGSIM) in Venezuela for months before he was released by the Biden administration. Last Wednesday in exchange for Alex Sapp’s delivery.


“I would like to report the case of one of the freed Americans, which made me very angry when I learned from his wife what was happening to him,” Suju commented in a video posted on his X account.

“This is a case that did not come to light because he was hospitalized for the torture he suffered and we wanted to protect his life and physical integrity and protect him in this way,” the activist added. However, now that he has been released, “it is time for this man to tell you the horrors he suffered at the hands of his torturers.”

Suju recalled that the DGSIM chain of command is headed by Nicolás Maduro, Major General Ivan Hernandez Dala, Major General Vladimir Padrino Lopez and Special Affairs Division (DAE) chief Lt. Col. Alexander Gramco Ortega. This American is the master of torture.”

Suju pointed out that Marvel was detained at Jose Antonio Anzodegui Airport on August 19 “when he arrived in the country to look for his family who was vacationing in Venezuela (…) and was arrested by immigration officials. He was a ‘warning’. Quiet’, they said there was no arrest warrant. Even if they realize.

After that, “Dgcim was shown to take him to their headquarters in that state. During those first 12 hours he was tortured, his spine fractured. He had already undergone surgery on his spine, and of course, these blows caused him to fracture again,” the human rights defender explained.

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“From that moment Edgar could not get up, he could not stand, and he was transferred to a private hospital, where the family paid for everything that was done to him to improve his health,” Suju added.

The director of the Kasla Institute, the most important point of the case, is that “the DAE sent four officers to Barcelona, ​​where Edgar was hospitalized, in the hands of Lt. Col. Alexander Gramco Arteaga, because he was in the custody of “Dgcim” to monitor him.

Unfortunately, this situation led to the continuation of the nightmare experienced by Marwal. “At night, when the staff was not in the room, Marvel was tortured by the officers of Alexander Gramco Artega: they suffocated him with pillows, gave him electric shocks to his ribs and other parts of his body, and he screamed. One of the officers filmed it, and they sent the footage to the bearded man in Caracas. , you know who he is,” Suju said.

Shortly thereafter, Marwal was transferred to another medical center, where the formal torture turned psychological, as Dgcim troops threatened to attack his relatives.

“When he was a little better, Edgar Marval was transferred to Caracas in a Dgcim ambulance, and in that ambulance, during the long journey, he was tortured lying down, he couldn’t move, they put him. Electric through his diapers, because he had his He lost control of the sphincters and they were passing electricity through the metal bars to his ankles,” commented Suju.

Finally, when the American arrived at Dgcim headquarters in Polita, east of Caracas, he was placed in a bathroom whose floor was covered in soap and forced to stand despite his injuries. “He fell again and again,” Suju condemned.

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The activist assured that a commission from the Public Ministry appeared in Dgcim cells.

Because a public prosecutor was imposed on him in accordance with Chavismo, Marvell was arraigned in Caracas courts without the right to a private defense.

Marvel was released after being used as a political symbol by the Chavista regime following recent deals between Maduro and Biden. A few hours ago he landed at Joint Base San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas where he is now safe and recovering with his family who never abandoned him in the middle of the storm.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is fully aware of his case.