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development in medicine. HENN High Performance Medical Device Innovation Center | About architecture and more

They is an international architectural practice with offices in Munich, Berlin and Beijing with over 70 years of experience in the areas of workplace, culture, healthcare, education and research, as well as production and master planning.

The studio is managed by 4 executives and 16 partners: Martin Henn, Stefan Senning, Wolfgang Wrba and Werner Sonleitner, with Klaus Ransmayer, Daniel Vestag, Marcus Wiessan, Hans Funk, Georg Pichler, Tanja Deitch, Martin Erringer, Andreas Fuchs, Katrin Jacobs, Rainer Sladek, Thomas von Kostenfeld, Friedrich Werner, Christian Pechtel, Patrick Brll, Joachim Grund, Berthold Staber. HENN has more than 350 employees – architects, designers, planners and engineers – from 30 countries, who can benefit from a wealth of knowledge gathered from three generations of experience in the construction field, as well as a global network of partners and experts in various disciplines.

This continuity, together with progressive design approaches and methods and interdisciplinary research projects, forms the basis for a continuous examination of current issues and a coherent design philosophy. Shapes and spaces are not merely an objective, but are developed from the processes, requirements and cultural contexts of each project. As a general contractor, we can adhere to this principle at every stage of project planning and implementation.

Gunter Henn Born in Dresden in 1947, he studied architecture and structural engineering in Munich and Berlin. He is the chief of Henn. He founded the Munich office in 1979 and succeeded Walter Henn. Since 1994, Gunther Henn has been a Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Gunther Henn chairs the Industrial Building Chair and the Center for Knowledge Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden.

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