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The Caribbean Training Center has launched a Diploma course in Customs Sciences

The Caribbean Training Center has launched a Diploma course in Customs Sciences

By: Genesis Peña

On Saturday, the Caribbean Training Center, in La Atlantida, near Banco Mercantil, Catia La Mar, started the first Diploma in Customs Sciences, in which 21 students will expand their knowledge of customs and foreign trade for 4 and a half months.

The certificate consists of 10 units, and the general manager of the center, Gerson Corvelo, explained that students and professionals in the customs area will have the opportunity to “update themselves with everything new that is happening at the national and international levels.”

The study method is mixed and divided into 7 face-to-face classes and 7 online sessions. “We have a virtual classroom. The idea is to offer students added values.”

In addition, a Diploma in Internal Taxation is scheduled for May. “The training center has provided training in the field of customs for 3 years and we are now focusing on other areas of knowledge.”

The center also offers English courses at different levels and on April 14 the Technical English course for Customs will start. Likewise, they are planning design and marketing training not only for the residents of Guaire but for the whole of Venezuela.

Regarding the Diploma in Customs Sciences, they hope to open a second edition by the end of April and also move it to the city of Caracas so that many people interested in this subject can participate.

Diplomas for fifth year students

Curvelo explained that they have prepared a diploma aimed at fifth-year high school students and teaching residents about the basic tools for them to enter foreign trade and customs.

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This program is called Customs Technologies Integrated Formation (FITA) “where not only the core Customs modules will be offered, but also personal growth, professional recognition, and motivation.”

Tools for managing Office packages will be included and the idea is that “teenagers receive these tools to enter the world of work”. GP/jd