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Danilo toma las riendas del PLD y desde mañana irá a las calles

Danilo takes over the PLD and from tomorrow he’s on the streets

Former President Danilo Medina will take to the streets starting tomorrow, to lead the program of reorganization work that the Dominican Liberation Party is implementing across the country, as well as swearing in the thousands of new members entering the opposition. organisation.

Medina, who chairs the PLD party, will begin Sunday in San Cristóbal with the swearing in of 2,921 new members who will join the party in San Cristobal.

The regional activity of the PLD in the southern city is scheduled to take place at the Ciro Pérez Club Square in the main municipality, at 10:00 am.

“In the process of implementing the new organizational and electoral line, hundreds of thousands of Dominicans have expressed interest in organizing in the PLD; in which the Purple Star Party officially opens its doors for entry with a series of events, which begin on Sunday, October 17 in San Cristobal,” the Communications Secretariat reported. PLD in a press release.

He confirms that the former president will be accompanied at the meeting by the organization’s Secretary-General, Charles Mariotti.

It confirms that the decision to organize the swearing-in of new members of the Democratic Liberation Party was adopted by the Political Committee upon receiving reports from provincial and district liaison officials, that thousands of citizens across the country expressed interest in joining as members of the PLD.

Other similar events specify that in addition to former President Medina and Mariotti, the leaders of the PLD who make up the Commission for the Implementation of the Organizational and Electoral Line (CILOE), will be present at the event and leaders of San Cristobal.

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“The PLD operational team, along with the San Cristobal County Commission, are preparing the stage for the development of the PLD bylaw starting Friday,” the press release read.

He also announced that from this meeting in the following weeks, similar events will be organized, “thus formalizing the entry of thousands of citizens interested in political militancy into the organization that has promoted the government’s growth and progress in the country at the economic and institutional level.”

secret sharing
Since the defeat of the PLD in the presidential, legislative and municipal elections last year, the former president of Medina has had a secret public participation, limited to the work of the Ninth Ordinary Congress of José Joaquín Bidó Medina, which began at the end of 2020 and ended in early this year.

The former president also chaired several meetings of the Political Committee, but in none of the cases did he reveal himself to answer journalists’ questions about the main problems in the country and the Democratic Liberation Party.

Since the end of 2020, several officials in his government have been imprisoned, including the former Prosecutor of the Republic, Jean-Alain Rodriguez, accused of administrative corruption.

Two of his brothers were also held in preventive detention, and other files related to the alleged embezzlement were confiscated by the Attorney General’s office during his government term (2012-2020).