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Daniel Coronal will step down as chairman of Univision News

Daniel Coronal will step down as chairman of Univision News

19 July 2021 – 11:40 p. I am.

The TV network has announced the departure of a Colombian journalist who has worked for the company since 2011. This result is caused by changes in the structure of its different sections. Coronal thanked the entire team for their support.

Colombian journalist Daniel Coronel, who has served as head of the Noticias de la Cadena Univision since 2016, will step down on August 1. The news was released by the same channel claiming that it would cause changes in the structure of its entertainment, sports, news sections and other areas.

Coronel joined the Notices Univision team in early 2011, where he first began as Vice President and Press Director, where he held other positions, and finally held the position he held until 2016 until now.

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One of the most important achievements of a journalist is G.DuPont, Bipodi, Walter Cronkite, Crazy, IRE and Ray de Espana Awards, He was on that television network for almost 10 years.

In the farewell letter, Daniel Cornell thanked him for the time it lasted and the crew that accompanied him when he left. He also wrote that he would respectfully follow the decision taken by the company. His successor in the “Coral Raw” work is Leopoldo Gomez, a lawyer and doctor in political science at Georgetown University and in charge of Televisa’s news division.

He said he was satisfied with all the growth of Univision and what it meant to the Hispanic community and hoped it would continue. Finally He praised his colleague George Ramos for his solidarity, dedication to journalism and for giving him an inspiration..

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For now, Daniel Coronel will continue to lead the Los Daniels article, a commentary he will lead along with journalist Daniel Sambar.