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Customer detects clothes thieves and alerts him: “They are stealing from you.”

Customer detects clothes thieves and alerts him: “They are stealing from you.”

The agent detects the clothes thieves and alerts the workers: “They are stealing from you.” Photo: video capture Facebook via 24Con

On September 8, at 3:57 p.m., two women entered a clothing and shoe store in the city of Mar de Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to steal some clothes.

The attempted robbery was recorded thanks to the company’s security camera. In the pictures you can see how the “wicker”, the name given to this type of thieves who hide things among their belongings to steal them, asks for help from an employee.

The person takes a shoe and takes it to the back of the counter, while one of his companions steps away from the area. When the worker turned her back to the women, one of them secretly took some pants from the racks and put them in a bag that her partner was carrying.

Fortunately, another customer was entering the store, and upon seeing the theft, she alerted the workers: “They are robbing you, they are robbing you! Keep what you took out,” and the thieves left the clothes on the rack and left the store. The place, followed by the two employees.

In 2017, the Federation of Chambers and Shopping Centers of Argentina (Fedecámaras) reported that a type of theft known as mercherismo led to losses of 14 million pesos per day, in addition to noting that it is a crime frequently committed by women.

“More than 90 percent of the cases are committed by women who organize intelligence operations in the building and commit the acts. They go out in pairs, at least. For small and medium-sized businesses, private security is ephemeral, non-existent, because it is impossible to maintain,” the organization explained to the press.

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