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Cubans pay homage during a funeral in Matanzas

Relatives of a Cuban citizen who died in the municipality of Jaguy Grande in Matanzas They must have pushed hearts Because there was no other option to move the body.

Internet user who identifies himself in Facebook how Kari Gomez Fernandez He said in a post that his brother was a worker who complied with the revolution, but said: His funeral was outrageous.

He wrote, attaching several videos of the sad moment: “I want to share my brother’s burial. This happened in the Jag├╝ey Grande. My brother, a good worker, compatible with our revolution, and see how his burial was.”

Gomez denied it There was no cart to transport the bodywithout explaining whether the car had to be pushed due to the breakage or lack of fuel.

Videos show at least six men pushing the car, while dozens of people walk behind the motorcade, clutching their bikes.

Posted in Facebook

In one material, a woman is heard exclaiming, “Dad, you didn’t deserve this!”

The fuel crisis in Cuba, in addition to the poor condition He hearschilling scenes in different parts of the country.

In Las Tunas, a woman’s body had to be taken away in a car from the post office, while it was in Gwen The deceased was carried away by his friends in a rickshaw Because the authorities did not send a transportation to pick him up.

In a heartbreaking video posted on Facebook by independent media outlet ICLEP, a young man indignantly denounced the situation, while showing how he carried the deceased, identified as 36-year-old Yoandris Castillo Arias, on his legs.

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The young man explained that they called several times and the authorities did not send a means of transportation, but he began to change color and contract the plague, so they decided to take him in a rickshaw, while dozens of friends accompanied the procession on bicycles.

Several similar condemnations have rocked Cubans in recent years. In 2019, in Gwen, relatives of a deceased woman had to carry her on a hospital stretcher all the way to the funeral home, because there was no funeral service available.

There were also reports of dead bodies that had to be hauled away in barrows and food carts, from the communications company and even in horse-drawn carts.

The Cuban regime has invested in police cars, but investment in hearing aids and ambulances has been poor.

Last April it became clear New hobbies arrived in Cuba From China, which would alleviate the critical situation of this service in the country.