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Etecsa International Shipping starts today for Mother’s Day

On the 10th of May, the new international promotion of ETECSA “Earn rewards according to the value of the recharge” begins, on the occasion of Mother’s Day in Cuba.

As specified on their website, the offer consists on the occasion that the customers who receive Recharges May 10-17They will get data and money rewards in different amounts, which will depend on the amount of recharge.

to me Recharges between 250 and 499.99 cupsthe recharged amount is deducted into the base balance and 10 GB (for all networks) + 1000 CUP are “given” as gifts, which must be consumed within 10 days from the time the recharge is received.

to those who take Between 500 and 699.99 Cuban pesos The recharged amount will be credited to their main balance and they will give out rewards of 25 GB (for all networks) + 2000 Coupons, which must be consumed within 20 days of receiving the recharge.

In the third case, for Recharges between 700 and up to 1250 cups, Customers will get the recharged amount in their base balance plus bonuses of 45 GB (for all networks) + 3000 Coupons, which must be consumed within 30 days of receiving the recharge.

Recharge ETECSA for Mother’s Day in Cuba

Etecsa explains that the bonus amount from this offer is not added to the principal balance because it is “a gift given by the company, but on the condition that it is used within a certain period of time.”

It can be used for local and international calls and text messages, as well as to connect to the Internet at a consumption rate discount.

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If the client She has plans together LTE packages (national or international) and valid, as of receipt of the promotion, extend their validity by number of days (10, 20 or 30) if the actual date of recharge is higher than the date of the plan or package,” the company also explains.

In addition, a report Rewards will be added to those who receive two recharges of different ranks and the extra days validity will be maintained between the two recharges.

The websites for international ETECSA recharge are: