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Cuban youth dies after shark attack in Mayabeque

Cuban youth dies after shark attack in Mayabeque

CubitaNOW write ~ Thursday, May 11, 2023

A young Cuban fisherman died this week in Mayapec County after being attacked by a bull shark in the coastal area.

The deceased, Maro Alejando Diaz Jimenez, passed away Tuesday morning. The attack took place in Ojo de Tiburon, in Puerto Escondido.

The user who identified himself on Facebook as Omo Eleggua Echubi Okan confirmed the unfortunate news to our newsroom and confirmed that he was a friend of the victim.

My condolences to the family of Maru Alejandro Diaz Jimenez. EPD Champion, we just have to know that you left this world doing what you love to do, which is hunting,” the netizen wrote on social networks.

He added, in statements to our media, that this is not the first attack on the northern coast, and that the authorities want to hide the matter.

Likewise, he warned of the danger it poses to children now that summer is approaching and the beach has become an option for the enjoyment of the youngest members of the house.

On the other hand, fisherman Yasser Splogas, a friend of the young man, said in the “Defense of Spearfishing in Cuba” group on Facebook, that the injuries caused by the animal to the young man are very serious, and prevented his companions from saving his life. .

“You have to finish knowing that no piece has the value of a life. No money you can get for a piece is worth your life,” Cuban wrote.

Last April, a 17-year-old Cuban teenager survived a shark attack a few kilometers from the coast near Magana, in Artemisa, according to the official El Artemiseño newspaper.

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Around noon, the 17-year-old boy was fishing with some family members and was attacked by a shark.

Fortunately, they were able to rescue him and establish contact with the emergency system, which is why when he reached the coast an ambulance was already there to take him immediately, said Niorca de la Caridad Larionda Valdes, director of the hospital where he was being treated.

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