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Cubans donate a piano to Fernando, a talented musician from Guanabaco

Cubans donate a piano to Fernando, a talented musician from Guanabaco

Cubans rallied on social media on Friday to offer a piano to Fernando, a mentally disabled Guanabacoa man who impressed thousands this week with his amazing piano talent.

The influencer known on Facebook as memory He said on his channel that thanks to many people, they were able, within a few hours, to have a piano in a house in El Cotoro.

He also requested assistance in finding a truck to transport the tool to his residence Fernando in Guanabacoa.

The beneficiary himself climbed into the truck to search for the piano, and delighted the people who donated it with his music.

This week, the man, now known as Cuba's Piano Prince, surprised thousands of netizens by showing off his amazing talent as a pianist by performing several songs, including Ave Maria.

The videos were published by Sister Ariana Brito Rodriguez, who highlighted Fernando's talent and his contribution to society, by giving a concert for Guanabacoa's grandparents.

He said in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat: “When I play the piano, I do not think. The day I think in front of the piano, I do not play it. I do that because I love it, because playing is a virtue.” The nun.

“I'm not a talent, I'm a person who strives People cleanse their souls of problems. “When someone hears me play the piano, they feel like they live 10 more years,” he said.

Former boxer Lino Thomasin, known as the “Cuban Iron Man”, approached Fernando's residence in the presence of neighbors. In the morning he gave him money, clothes, shoes and even some tobacco. To smoke.

He said he was moved to tears by the gesture “I want to play somewhere to meet the demands”. At that moment, they promised him that they would soon give him a piano, but even the organizers of the initiative had no doubt that the instrument would appear in a few hours.

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