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Cuban immigrants open popular DiTú in America

Cuban immigrants open popular DiTú in America

Cuban immigrants surprise everyone after arriving in America. After all, the Latino community sees the island-born as born entrepreneurs who come to the country to succeed. If it is in a business they know well, success will come sooner than expected.

This is the story of several Cuban immigrants who aimed to “woo” Texas residents with traditional Cuban business. They've opened a popular DiTú in Houston, and they serve croquettes and fried chicken on the menu, just like they did in Cuba decades ago.

It is a small restaurant with options to eat inside or outside, depending on what customers prefer. Also, as seen in the video, you can buy drinks at the place which turns into a nightclub at dawn. TikTok.

DiTú in Cuba

DiTú in Cuba is managed by Empresa Extrahotelera Palmares SA. Their products and the characteristic design of their premises are already in the memory of the Cuban people. Due to Cuba's current trade strategy change and current economic crisis, there are no such centers on the island.

Cuban immigrants decided to build their own business similar to the original design they had seen in Cuba years ago. As a result, Houston has become a popular destination among area residents, particularly Latinos who are returning.

Another example of Cuban entrepreneurship is the pastry bakery “Sabors de Mi Tierra” located in Denver, Colorado. There you can taste an exquisite bread with suckling pig, a traditional and widely accepted dish.

In Hialeah, many Cubans set up their businesses in food trucks and sell pizzas on Palm Ave. Since their arrival in Florida a year ago, these young men have not stopped their efforts to advance in the state.