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Cuban Father Protests “My Son Is Hungry” Sign

Cuban Father Protests “My Son Is Hungry” Sign

a Cuban protested peacefully In the public space, he holds a sign and shouts the phrase: “My son is hungry! “.

The man walked through several streets, raising his voice and a sign in his arms. My son is hungry for how long? I can not anymore! My son is hungry! were his words.

in the middle of th Cuba’s shortcomings video this Cuban demonstrating in the street It has gone viral on social media. The audiovisual feed was posted on José Rodríguez’s Facebook profile and on the user’s TikTok account @a_mambisa4.

There are no exact details about the identity of this Cuban father who demonstrated peacefully with a banner to demand food for his son, and the location of the protest is not known. However, many users on social networks agree that it was on a scale A city in the eastern part of the country.

A few days ago there was a file Massive protest In eastern Cuba, in the municipality of Caimanera in Guantanamo. People took to the streets to demand basic rights from the government: access to food and freedom.

conservative Miguel Diaz-Canel You said you don’t know clearly How will your system overcome the current crisis Active, economic, political and social going through the country.

He is currently making a file Tour the regions To control the economic measures he dictates and to try to inform the people that his administration is advancing. Request to break barriers to food production in Cuba.

However, the results of these policies are not on the table for the Cubans. Far from improving the situation, shortages are getting worse across the country and inflation continues to grow in Cuba.

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This Cuban father’s demonstration with a sign in the middle of the street asking for food for his son is reminiscent of his peaceful protest Political prisoner Louis Robles.

Robles demonstrated on San Rafael Street in Havana, holding a sign calling for freedom. He was He was sentenced to five years imprisonment For alleged crimes of enemy propaganda and insubordination.