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Cuba has no agreement with RevoluGROUP and does not know the method and security of transactions ›Cuba› Granma

Cuba has no agreement with RevoluGROUP and does not know the method and security of transactions ›Cuba› Granma

The Central Bank of Cuba points out on its website that no Cuban financial institution or other entity has entered into an agreement with RevoluGROUP, so the formality and security of the alleged transactions are not known.
In a note, the foreign company RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. It is rumored that the remittance recipient countries include Cuba, although there is no formal contact with the aforementioned company on the island.
The Central Bank of Cuba has approved that the US government maintain the sanctions and sanctions used against Cuban financial institutions in 2020 and 2021.
Amid the epidemic, in 2020, the US government canceled remittances from that country to Cuba via the Western Union.

Financiera Cimex, SA (Fincimex), posted on its official Facebook page to carry out the interim steps of this process of financial flow to the Cuban family approved by the Central Bank of Cuba, as a result of which the government and 40 network of service providers set up network networks in the national region with the aim of stifling the Cuban economy. .
Thus, the official and secure channels for sending money from the United States were closed by those who could not travel frequently to Cuba to support their loved ones with money or who did not want to use third parties to help their relatives.
This coercive measure, effective from October 23, 2020, has affected much of Cuba on the island, which has been plagued by unconventional warfare under the hostile siege.
The U.S. government has found a pretext that it is being used illegally for the country’s military to cancel remittances. However, a year after its implementation, they have not yet been able to present an argument in support of this error.
He said the company continued to manage remittances to Cuba from other markets, despite sanctions imposed on Fincimex by the US government’s brutal policy. It continues to fulfill its obligations to more than a dozen remittance companies to the island.
Similarly, its transaction page aisremeascuba.com is active worldwide, enabling thousands of monthly transactions.

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